Beta test of TellStick Net events

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Do you want to let a bell sound when the temperature in your fridge gets too high?
Do you want an email when someone trigger a motion detector in the office?
Or do you just want to turn on the outside lamp when the sun goes down, but only if its later than 23.00 and the backyard door is open?
Of course you want to!

We are finishing the event system for TellStick Net. Some of you have already been trying the system during the development phase. We are now ready for a more extensive beta.

Anyone with a TellStick Net can take part in this beta test. We will open this up to 100 users or until October 1st, whatever happens first.

An event consists of three parts. Triggers, conditions and actions. A trigger is what starts an event. All events requires at least one trigger to function. Only one of the triggers needs to be triggered for an event to be activated.

A condition could be used to prevent this event to be executed by using more advanced condition than the triggers allow. Conditions are organized in rows. All conditions on the same row must be fulfilled for the actions to be executed.

An action is what will happen when the event is activated. All of the actions in the event will be executed.

Available triggers are:

  • Device trigger - triggers when the state of a device is set.
  • Sensor trigger - triggers when a sensor goes over or below a specific value.
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Fixed time - similar to the scheduler

Available conditions are:

  • Device condition - a device must have a specific state.
  • Sensor condition - a sensor must be over, equal, or under a specific value
  • Suntime condition - sun is up or down?
  • Time condition - a time interval on a day. E.g. between 12.00 and 13.00
  • Weekdays condition - condition on a specific weekday.

Available actions are:

  • Device action - turns on or off a device
  • Email action - sends an email
  • SMS action - sends a sms
  • URL action - calls a custom url

Currently there is a 30 second repeat block when an event has been executed before it can be executed again. This is to prevent linked event to go bananas. We will make this configurable later.

Any thoughts or suggestions how we can extend the system further are very much appreciated. Even ideas for more triggers, conditions and actions. Send any thoughs on the system to mp@…