Group support for TellStick Net

We have just deployed a new function for your TellStick Net. It is the functionality to add groups. This has previously been available for anyone using selflearning remote socket receivers with more than one memory.

With our new group function it is now possible to mix different brands in one group. It is also possible to have two devices in different parts of the world. Say for instance you have a TellStick Net both at home and in your vaccation house. You can with a single click control both locations.

The API for this has been extended with the new functions  group/add and  group/remove. There is no function for iterating groups. For maintaining backwards compability with thirdparty applications, groups is implemented as ordinary devices. If you want to filter out groups in your application they have a new attribute in  devices/list called "type". It is set to "group" for groups and "device" for devices. This is actually very similar to our C-API with tdGetDeviceType().

Happy coding.


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