Events for TellStick Net invites you to a public beta test

Do you want to let a bell sound when the temperature in your fridge gets too high?
Do you want an email when someone trigger a motion detector in the office?
Or do you just want to turn on the outside lamp when the sun goes down, but only if its later than 23.00 and the backyard door is open?
Of course you want to!

We are finishing the event system for TellStick Net. Some of you have already been trying the system during the development phase. We are now ready for a more extensive beta.

Anyone with a TellStick Net can take part in this beta test. We will open this up to 100 users or until October 1st, whatever happens first.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here.

Update: We now have a release date.


1. peter rask <peter.rask@…> -- 2013-09-11 12:36

Ok, so I have applied. When will one now if accepted and when will one be able to start test the beta?

BR Peter

2. micke prag <micke.prag@…> -- 2013-09-11 12:44

You will be notified via email. You can also see the status on the same page you signed up.

3. tomas eriksson <tomas@…> -- 2013-09-16 10:16

I missed it, only 100 users :( What is the roadmap for the new firmware, release this fall?

4. tomas eriksson <tomas@…> -- 2013-09-16 10:25

oh btw, are you working i private on the new firmware? Not much activity on your github or gitorious accounts...

5. joe mensor <joemensor@…> -- 2013-09-16 14:48

I missed it too, been waiting for this for ages.

6. gustaf wandebäck <wandeback@…> -- 2013-09-16 21:07

Please can I get a chance to evaluate the functions in early beta stage?!

7. micke prag <micke.prag@…> -- 2013-09-16 21:10

We don't accept any more applications since all 100 spots have been filled.

8. trond søreng osen <trondsosen@…> -- 2013-09-25 20:34

Any idea when released to the public? Can't wait to try this :D

9. micke prag <micke.prag@…> -- 2013-10-01 16:54