Telldus Live! Events - launch date

We would like to thank all our beta testers for testing Telldus Live! events. We have got a lot of feedback and we are busy implementing your ideas. We thought that we knew how the system was going to be used but you really showed us a lot of new ways. We are very greatful for that.

We would also like to annouce the launch date for Telldus Live! events. From November 4th the test period will be over and we are gradually going to open Telldus Live! events to more users. We are going to let people access this some at a time. This to make sure everyting works smoothly and no issues arise.

When we opened up our beta to the public we opened it to 100 users. We thought this should be enough to satisfy the most interested people. Could we have been more wrong? The interest was huge and we got a lot of emails after all of the 100 spots where filled to open it up to more users. Therefore we are going to let anyone with a Pro account access the beta right now. Head over to Telldus Live! and  sign up for a Pro account and you will get access to the beta version of events right now!


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