TelldusCenter 2.1.2 RC1

This is the first, and hopefully last, release candidate for TelldusCenter 2.1.2. There are only a few changes, compared to the beta versions. The only major one is concerning callbacks in Linux/Mac that sometimes stopped functioning earlier.

The only other noticeable addition is support for the Oregon Scientific pool thermometer (THWR800) in TelldusCenter.

See earlier blog posts for a list of all new features in TelldusCenter 2.1.2:



Download here:


Download here:


Follow the instructions here: but instead use this Apt-line:

deb unstable main

If you have had a 2.1.2-beta installed before, please run this instead:

apt-get update
apt-get clean
apt-get install libtelldus-core2 libtelldus-gui2 tellduscenter telldus-core --reinstall

Available for: i386, amd64, armhf (#229) and armel (telldus-core only, compiled for Excito b3 this time, please test it)

Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 (i386/amd64), Debian 7 (i386, amd64, armel and armhf (raspbian))


1. daniel malmgren <…> -- 2014-03-04 16:53

And it works out-of-the box straight from the repository on my Squeeze B3. Well done there!

2. bjørn ruberg <bruberg@…> -- 2014-03-05 09:13

Hi, I'm also seeing the "Bad address" errors, e.g.:

telldusd: Could not execute /usr/local/share/telldus/scripts/rawdeviceevent/rawdeviceevent (14): Bad address


3. bjørn ruberg <bruberg@…> -- 2014-04-04 15:48

With 2.1.2 final, the "bad address" errors seems to have gone away, most likely from changeset [1f93cf] . Thanks!