We are enhancing Telldus Live!

With a guide it will be easier and clearer

More and more devices are supported in Telldus Live! We think that is very pleasant! But at the same time it has made it somewhat difficult to identify the correct accessory that you want to add to your smart home system. That is why we have made a completely new guide.

This enhancement means that you will identify your device much easier by brand and pictures of each device. In the last step you will get a step-by-step guide of how to install that specific device into your smart home system. So now you can almost skip reading the the manual how to install the device.

Just follow the guide in Telldus Live! and you will make no mistakes.



1. kevin haffner <khaffner@…> -- 2015-03-27 13:10

Nice! I recently added a Nexa LMDT-609, and it works great. However, it got placed under devices, not sensors. Shouldn't a sensor like this be placed under "My sensors" in Telldus Live?