Telldus Z-Wave beta 1

We are looking for testers for one of our Z-Wave based TellStick. This is not the final hardware and might be disabled when this test is complete. After this test period, an upgrade program to the final hardware will be available.

This TellStick has the following specifications:

  • Z-Wave EU controller
  • No 433 MHz is available
  • Requires an internet connection

We are looking for testers for the software and platform. These are our requirements:

  • You need to have your own Z-Wave accessories since we have no possibility to supply this.
  • We expect a report at least once a week on your experiences.

After signing up please send an email to mp@… and motivate why you should be accepted in this test.

There is only 4 pieces available for this test so be sure to motivate well why you should be chosen.

Interested? Please sign up.


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