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Beta testers wanted for Telldus Live! mobile

We are now finishing the re-write on our app and we need your help to test it.
Right now there are no new features. We've changed the framework used by the app and basically built it again from scratch.
We're now inviting Android users to test the app. We really care about having active testers, make sure you have some time available to play with the app and to provide feedback.
Sometimes beta softwares are not stable. If you (or your family) prefers to have a stable setup at all time - you better don’t get into BETA testing.
Please sign up here.

Telldus and iOS 10

It's that time of year again, we're listening to our favourite music whilst we're testing out iOS 10. We're pleased to say that Telldus Live! mobile works like a charm so we can focus on implementing new features.

We'd love to know what you think of the upcoming releases that Apple announced yesterday. Is there something you'd like us to implement? We'd like Apple watch and today widget support...we're working on that! Opening up Siri is great, but Apple decided to not support home automation commands outside of their homekit system. So we can't fix voice control for your home yet :(

Telldus Live! mobile app has been updated!

We are happy to announce an update for the Telldus Live! mobile app! Among some of the new exciting features is translations in Swedish and Norwegian, an addition we know will please many of our users, more translations are coming. After feedback from our users we have extensively developed the dimmer slider. Test it by pressing and holding on a button for a dimmable device in the dashboard or device list.

In the recent releases, including this one, we have focused a lot on the connectivity between the app and your TellStick. Your feedback has been very valuable and we encourage you to continue to give feedback on the app and all of our products. It all comes down to the fact that we want to give you the best experience so that you can reliably and conveniently interact with your Smart Home. We are continually investigating ways to improve the reliability of the connection, even if you are at home, in your summer cottage or laying on the beach in the Bahamas, you can be in control.

Pebble app for Telldus Live!

During the christmas holidays one of Telldus employees started a project to use his new Pebble smartwatch to control the lights from a TellStick Net. Currently it only supports on and off.
The code is located here:
Are you developing Pebble apps? Help out and extend this with more functionality.

It has been uploaded to the comming Pebble appstore and will be available once 2.0 of Pebble OS is released. If you already have 2.0 installed and don't want to wait you can download the app below. You need at least beta3 installed on your phone. Currently only Android have been tested.

Please note that this app was developed by Telldus Technologies employees during their free time and is not officially supported by Telldus.

Notice regarding Telldus Live! mobile for iPhone

Tomorrow (24/10) the certificate used to secure the communication between our servers, webpage, 3rd party applications and our mobile applications will expire. The transition to the new certificate will be seamless unless for those of you using our official mobile application Telldus Live! mobile on iPhone. This application has to be updated to continue to work, and we are still waiting for approval in the app store for the new version. We do not know when that will happen.

From later today until then, Telldus Live! mobile will not work. At the moment we suggest that you instead use the 3rd party application  TellEvent, our old app  OtioLive or that you access directly from your phone.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Update: The new app is now available for download.

Beta tester wanted for new mobile application

We are working on a new application for mobile phones. We are currently in the state where we need beta testers. If you are interested in testing our new app, please leave a comment below with the model of your phone.

We will pick out a handful of testers and let you know how to participate.

Edit: Thank you all for your interest. We have not enough testers now. Please do not forget to send your feedback to feedback-1.0.1@…. Don't forget to include the model of your phone in the report.

Gleam - an application for Windows Phone 7.5

The third party developer Jonas Karlsson has just uploaded the first public version of his application Gleam.

Gleam is an application for Windows Phone 7.5 that connects to your Telldus Live! account. In this first release the application includes functionality to

  • Turn on/off/dim devices
  • Read sensor data
  • Logging of sensor data. Displayed in charts in predefined time periods (24h, Week, Month). Maximum 30 days.
  • Average temperature of the sensor for the selected time period.
  • Pin sensors to start. Live tiles with sensor data. Updated every half an hour.
  • Rename devices/sensors
  • Ignore sensors
  • Reset sensordata

Gleam will also soon be available as a Windows Phone 8 app and Windows 8 app.

Get it from  Windows Marketplace