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#184 Telldus Net: Oregon THR128 SENSOR dispayed, updated but Temp is 0°C new defect major Some future release / Patches welcome
#249 Diming a group will change status even of undimmable devices to dimmed new defect trivial 2.1.3
#256 Telldus Live! web browser compatibility new defect major 2.1.3
#290 Value "timezoneoffset" missing when querying /sensors/list new defect major 2.1.3
#309 Device names too long new defect minor 2.1.3
#329 motor modules chacon 54754 new defect major
#356 Sensor json format differ new defect major
#374 Support of Oregon Scientific rain sensor - Setting up in web UI event/conditions new defect major
#386 Incorrect time offset for Moscow timezone new defect major 2.1.3
#484 is not https which allows session hijacking new defect major
#485 Confirm notification in Android app new defect major
#487 High bandwidth usage znet-lite new defect major
#134 Allow TellStick Net to be configures using a static ip new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#179 Delete schedule after execution new enhancement major 2.1.3
#191 Save sensor data longer time new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#211 Sorting in Telldus Live! new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#212 Flags in Live new enhancement major 2.1.3
#213 Eventlog in Telldus Live for magnetic switches (or other devices and sensors) new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#241 Display IP-number on My devices new enhancement major 2.1.3
#270 Poll multiple sensors in Live! API new enhancement major 2.1.3
#272 Support for device push notification from Telldus Live! new enhancement major 2.1.3
#282 Nexa WRR-1 new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#285 Filter devices per client new enhancement major 2.1.3
#293 Adding control of domestic central heating systems via Tellstick Net new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#298 List and revoke third party access new enhancement major 2.1.3
#304 Add error code in error response new enhancement major 2.1.3
#331 Possibility to add multiple housecodes and unitcodes for a device in Telldus live new enhancement major
#336 Calibration values for sensors new enhancement major
#341 Support for HTTP GET in Telldus Live! events url actions new enhancement minor
#342 Compare measurements new enhancement major
#343 Events to control active/inactive state of schedule (or events) new enhancement major
#345 Possibilty to prevent detecting new sensors new enhancement major
#346 Adjustable curve or maximum preheat times for block heater trigger new enhancement major
#347 Include sensor value in email or SMS created by event new enhancement major
#348 Add Live event trigger if location goes offline new enhancement major
#349 Testable event: location offline new enhancement major
#350 Add google/yahoo login button to mobile login webpage new enhancement major
#352 Gömma enheter på Telldus Live för Tellstick Net new enhancement major
#355 "Kontaktorsvar" new enhancement major
#362 Offset for Sensor values new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#369 Timestamps in event action emails new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#370 Events based on speed of sensor change. new enhancement major
#372 Possibility to opt-out from HTML-formatting in events-email new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#373 Show current server time in device log new enhancement minor
#376 Add power measurement to Telldus Live new enhancement major
#385 Lmst606, oregon sensorer, temperatur/regn/vind logging new enhancement major
#406 Raw data from Telldus Live new enhancement major
#437 Average as event condition new enhancement minor 2.1.4
#468 Make it possible to remove spikes new enhancement major
#472 Add Conrad RSW882T motion sensor support new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#477 Nya ikoner. new enhancement major
#488 Please include Livolo Dimmer in Telldus Live new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#501 Läsa av termometer via alexa command new enhancement major
#217 FAQ for Telldus Live! new task minor 2.1.3
#326 Login timeout new task major
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