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#154 Using TelldusCenter on headless linux system assigned micke prag <micke.prag@…> enhancement major 2.1.3
#157 Tdtool takes long time to exit in Linux/Mac new defect major 2.1.3
#205 Compilation/Installation guide of TelldusCenter on Linux new task major Some future release / Patches welcome
#208 Client does not receive events after that the daemon has been restarted new defect major 2.1.3
#215 TelldusCenter segfault in Linux assigned micke prag <micke.prag@…> defect major 2.1.3
#268 Problem with tdtool extended command reopened defect major
#271 Debian package fails to build from source new defect major 2.1.3
#287 Get Tellstick Net to submit unknown messages as events with unknown protocol new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#299 telldus-core-2.1.1 not closing filedescriptors/sockets properly on ARM/Raspberry Pi? new defect major 2.1.3
#332 Support for motion detectors new enhancement major
#359 Client/telldusd goes into loop sending repeated commands in specific scenario new defect major
#371 is not included in the release archive new defect major
#377 Age is missing from certain sensors new defect major
#378 tdtool/TelldusCenter to query different and remote telldusd instances new enhancement major
#458 telldusd: If bind fails, telldusd loops infinitely new defect major
#473 Signature by key ... uses weak digest algorithm new defect major
#490 Port firmware code to SDCC to work with free software compiler? new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#491 GPG key served over insecure http new defect major
#493 How to install Telldus Core on Raspbian Stretch? new defect major
#509 Unable to run tellstick-server new defect major
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