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#433 Add support for oregon scientific RTHN318 new enhancement major
#434 Support for RFXMeter from for tellstick-duo new enhancement major
#443 Scheduler: 3 minute gap between set and executed scheduler event start or stop time. new defect major
#445 Compiled tellstick-duo firmware fail to transmit to Nexa new defect minor
#450 TelldusCenter not working on OS X El Capitan new defect major
#456 Implementation of PT2262 on tellstick net new enhancement major
#458 telldusd: If bind fails, telldusd loops infinitely new defect major
#468 Make it possible to remove spikes new enhancement major
#469 to support sensor history download new enhancement major
#472 Add Conrad RSW882T motion sensor support new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#473 Signature by key ... uses weak digest algorithm new defect major
#477 Nya ikoner. new enhancement major
#478 Nexa LDR-075 dont work with znet lite V2 new task major
#479 Support for TFA Spring with sensor TFA 30.3206.02 new enhancement major
#484 is not https which allows session hijacking new defect major
#485 Confirm notification in Android app new defect major
#487 High bandwidth usage znet-lite new defect major
#488 Please include Livolo Dimmer in Telldus Live new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#490 Port firmware code to SDCC to work with free software compiler? new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#491 GPG key served over insecure http new defect major
#492 Tellstick detecting sensor as Fineoffset and outputting pure garbage. new defect major
#493 How to install Telldus Core on Raspbian Stretch? new defect major
#494 Native push support for local-API devices new enhancement major
#495 TellStickNet RF performance new defect major
#501 Läsa av termometer via alexa command new enhancement major
#506 OpenID Connect Provider? new enhancement major
#509 Unable to run tellstick-server new defect major
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