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#136 Support for EV1527 new enhancement major Some future release / Patches welcome
#140 Add scheduler to TelldusCenter new enhancement major 2.1.3
#154 Using TelldusCenter on headless linux system assigned micke prag <micke.prag@…> enhancement major 2.1.3
#157 Tdtool takes long time to exit in Linux/Mac new defect major 2.1.3
#179 Delete schedule after execution new enhancement major 2.1.3
#205 Compilation/Installation guide of TelldusCenter on Linux new task major Some future release / Patches welcome
#208 Client does not receive events after that the daemon has been restarted new defect major 2.1.3
#215 TelldusCenter segfault in Linux assigned micke prag <micke.prag@…> defect major 2.1.3
#225 Optimize reception of Elro-remotes in TellStick Duo new defect major 2.1.3
#267 Support Nexa Pro devices new enhancement major 2.1.3
#357 Problems with TellStick Duo and raw commands new defect major 2.1.3
#367 Add Nexa Selflearning Bell to TelldusCore new enhancement major 2.1.3
#162 Support for Draper projector screens new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#189 Enumeration of supported protocols new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#190 Enumeration of parameters per protocol new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#211 Sorting in Telldus Live! new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#217 FAQ for Telldus Live! new task minor 2.1.3
#278 Support for new blinds manufacturer new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
#309 Device names too long new defect minor 2.1.3
#341 Support for HTTP GET in Telldus Live! events url actions new enhancement minor
#369 Timestamps in event action emails new enhancement minor 2.1.3
#437 Average as event condition new enhancement minor 2.1.4
#178 Diff in Trac "Description modified" does not work new defect trivial Some future release / Patches welcome
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