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#366 Visible and "pused" sensors is not stored on OS X new defect major 2.1.3
#371 is not included in the release archive new defect major
#377 Age is missing from certain sensors new defect major
#382 Problems when leaving sleep/hibernate mode on Windows 8.1 new defect major 2.1.3
#399 telldusd trigger an assert on FreeBSD 10.1 new defect major
#403 PHP bindings need to be updated new defect major 2.1.3
#433 Add support for oregon scientific RTHN318 new enhancement major
#450 TelldusCenter not working on OS X El Capitan new defect major
#428 Error sending raw commands from tdtool with bytes > 0x7F new defect minor 2.1.3
#445 Compiled tellstick-duo firmware fail to transmit to Nexa new defect minor
#472 Add Conrad RSW882T motion sensor support new enhancement minor Some future release / Patches welcome
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