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#235 fixed Arctech transmitters send different codes for ON and OFF Carsten <carsten.cremer@…>

Reported by Carsten <carsten.cremer@…>, 8 years ago.


Some transmitters are detected with different remote code for ON and OFF. For instance: 54860582/3 for ON and 7623090/10 for OFF

or 54837414/12 for ON and 7621642/10 for OFF

The bitpattern is quite similar so it might be a but in TellStick Duo/Net firmware.

#252 fixed Leaving offset blank results in NaN in scheduler Christian Harström <christian.harstrom@…>

Reported by Christian Harström <christian.harstrom@…>, 8 years ago.


If you remove the value in the offset for sunset scheduler the resulting minutes for the schedule becomes 'NaN'. It should handle this and default to 0.

#262 fixed Add "Brennenstuhl" to Telldus Live! micke prag <micke.prag@…> Martin Ehre <ehre_martin@…>

Reported by Martin Ehre <ehre_martin@…>, 8 years ago.


Add "Brennenstuhl" to Telldus Live! as a vendor

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