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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#97 Commit EventGhost plugin upstream other defect micke prag <micke.prag@…> assigned 09/30/11
#184 Telldus Net: Oregon THR128 SENSOR dispayed, updated but Temp is 0°C Telldus Live! defect new 02/07/12
#256 Telldus Live! web browser compatibility Telldus Live! defect new 10/11/12
#290 Value "timezoneoffset" missing when querying /sensors/list Telldus Live! defect new 02/09/13
#329 motor modules chacon 54754 Telldus Live! defect new 11/14/13
#337 Nya funktioner other defect new 12/09/13
#339 Incorrect decoding of on/off depending on software/firmware combination TelldusCenter defect new 12/17/13
#356 Sensor json format differ Telldus Live! defect new 03/19/14
#358 Firmware update not working 2.1.2 RC1 TelldusCenter defect new 03/27/14
#359 Client/telldusd goes into loop sending repeated commands in specific scenario telldus-core defect new 03/30/14
#374 Support of Oregon Scientific rain sensor - Setting up in web UI event/conditions Telldus Live! defect new 09/14/14
#375 Support of Oregon Scientific rain sensor in iOS App Telldus mobile other defect new 09/14/14
#386 Incorrect time offset for Moscow timezone Telldus Live! defect new 11/06/14
#398 Add support for Oregon Scientific UVN800 other defect new 11/30/14
#443 Scheduler: 3 minute gap between set and executed scheduler event start or stop time. other defect new 09/02/15
#473 Signature by key ... uses weak digest algorithm other defect new 07/19/16
#484 live.telldus.com is not https which allows session hijacking Telldus Live! defect new 12/30/16
#485 Confirm notification in Android app Telldus Live! defect new 01/23/17
#487 High bandwidth usage znet-lite Telldus Live! defect new 04/16/17
#491 GPG key served over insecure http other defect new 07/26/17
#492 Tellstick detecting sensor as Fineoffset and outputting pure garbage. other defect new 08/02/17
#493 How to install Telldus Core on Raspbian Stretch? telldus-core defect new 10/12/17
#495 TellStickNet RF performance other defect new 12/03/17
#140 Add scheduler to TelldusCenter TelldusCenter enhancement new 12/07/11
#149 New functionalities in Telldus Live! Scheduler other enhancement new 12/28/11
#212 Flags in Live Telldus Live! enhancement new 06/01/12
#213 Eventlog in Telldus Live for magnetic switches (or other devices and sensors) Telldus Live! enhancement new 06/03/12
#241 Display IP-number on My devices Telldus Live! enhancement new 09/05/12
#267 Support Nexa Pro devices TelldusCenter enhancement new 11/27/12
#270 Poll multiple sensors in Live! API Telldus Live! enhancement new 12/04/12
#272 Support for device push notification from Telldus Live! Telldus Live! enhancement new 12/17/12
#281 Firmware: Sending of sensor readings from Tellstick other enhancement new 01/09/13
#282 Nexa WRR-1 Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/10/13
#285 Filter devices per client Telldus Live! enhancement new 02/04/13
#287 Get Tellstick Net to submit unknown messages as events with unknown protocol other enhancement new 02/05/13
#298 List and revoke third party access Telldus Live! enhancement new 03/12/13
#304 Add error code in error response Telldus Live! enhancement new 04/28/13
#319 Support for BIltema temp/humidity sensor 84056 telldus-core enhancement new 09/26/13
#331 Possibility to add multiple housecodes and unitcodes for a device in Telldus live Telldus Live! enhancement new 11/20/13
#332 Support for motion detectors telldus-core enhancement new 11/22/13
#336 Calibration values for sensors Telldus Live! enhancement new 12/05/13
#342 Compare measurements Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/04/14
#343 Events to control active/inactive state of schedule (or events) Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/06/14
#344 Add support for Nexa fire alarm other enhancement new 01/07/14
#345 Possibilty to prevent detecting new sensors Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/12/14
#346 Adjustable curve or maximum preheat times for block heater trigger Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/13/14
#347 Include sensor value in email or SMS created by event Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/14/14
#348 Add Live event trigger if location goes offline Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/14/14
#349 Testable event: location offline Telldus Live! enhancement new 01/26/14
#350 Add google/yahoo login button to mobile login webpage Telldus Live! enhancement new 02/03/14
#351 Support for queing commands when receiving telldus-core enhancement new 02/11/14
#352 Gömma enheter på Telldus Live för Tellstick Net Telldus Live! enhancement new 02/12/14
#355 "Kontaktorsvar" Telldus Live! enhancement new 03/18/14
#360 Patch: Minor FreeBSD compilation fixes for telldus-core telldus-core enhancement new 03/30/14
#367 Add Nexa Selflearning Bell to TelldusCore telldus-core enhancement new 05/07/14
#370 Events based on speed of sensor change. Telldus Live! enhancement new 05/15/14
#376 Add power measurement to Telldus Live Telldus Live! enhancement new 09/23/14
#378 tdtool/TelldusCenter to query different and remote telldusd instances telldus-core enhancement new 10/08/14
#385 Lmst606, oregon sensorer, temperatur/regn/vind logging Telldus Live! enhancement new 11/04/14
#392 Add support in Duo for Clas Ohlson remote socket receiver telldus-core enhancement new 11/11/14
#408 Support for FT007TH Themo-hygro Sensor other enhancement new 01/01/15
#434 Support for RFXMeter from RFXCOM.com for tellstick-duo other enhancement new 04/27/15
#456 Implementation of PT2262 on tellstick net other enhancement new 11/04/15
#468 Make it possible to remove spikes Telldus Live! enhancement new 02/01/16
#469 tdtool.py to support sensor history download other enhancement new 03/10/16
#479 Support for TFA Spring with sensor TFA 30.3206.02 telldus-core enhancement new 11/07/16
#494 Native push support for local-API devices other enhancement new 10/20/17
#501 Läsa av termometer via alexa command Telldus Live! enhancement new 11/05/18
#205 Compilation/Installation guide of TelldusCenter on Linux TelldusCenter task new 03/15/12
#265 Tellstick Duo: Add compability for Oregon Scientific THN128 telldus-core task new 11/22/12
#326 Login timeout Telldus Live! task new 11/01/13
#478 Nexa LDR-075 dont work with znet lite V2 other task new 11/06/16
#90 Allow TellStick Duo to receive new protocols other enhancement micke prag <micke.prag@…> new 09/22/11
#91 Let one device react to several codes other enhancement stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> new 09/26/11
#99 Setting for turning off LEDs in TellStick Duo other enhancement micke prag <micke.prag@…> new 10/04/11
#107 Add support for sensor events in TelldusNetWrapper other enhancement stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> new 10/07/11
#109 Support for more Oregon Scientific devices other enhancement mprag new 10/13/11
#134 Allow TellStick Net to be configures using a static ip Telldus Live! enhancement new 11/28/11
#191 Save sensor data longer time Telldus Live! enhancement new 02/22/12
#320 homeeasy eu protocol? telldus-core enhancement new 09/30/13
#369 Timestamps in event action emails Telldus Live! enhancement new 05/09/14
#372 Possibility to opt-out from HTML-formatting in events-email Telldus Live! enhancement new 07/07/14
#373 Show current server time in device log Telldus Live! enhancement new 07/22/14
#391 Research possible future HomeLink compatibility other enhancement new 11/10/14
#437 Average as event condition Telldus Live! enhancement new 06/22/15
#488 Please include Livolo Dimmer in Telldus Live Telldus Live! enhancement new 05/19/17
#249 Diming a group will change status even of undimmable devices to dimmed Telldus Live! defect new 10/03/12

1.2 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2 Provide functions to control non predefined devices driver 1.2 enhancement micke prag <micke.prag@…> new 03/04/08
#233 Tellstick driver in Android telldus-core 1.2 enhancement new 08/08/12

2.0 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#458 telldusd: If bind fails, telldusd loops infinitely telldus-core 2.0 defect new 11/20/15
#70 Support for pronto HEX-codes telldus-core 2.0 enhancement stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> new 10/02/09
#490 Port firmware code to SDCC to work with free software compiler? other 2.0 enhancement new 07/03/17
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