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#97 Commit EventGhost plugin upstream other Some future release / Patches welcome defect 09/30/11

Old version is using TellUsbD101.dll, which is not included in TelldusCenter 2.1.0.

#215 TelldusCenter segfault in Linux TelldusCenter 2.1.3 defect 06/04/12

Latest developer version of TelldusCenter segfaults on (at least) Kubuntu 12.04.

#154 Using TelldusCenter on headless linux system TelldusCenter 2.1.3 enhancement 01/03/12

Request a feature to use TelldusCenter on a standalone headless linux server.

There is a common use case to have a tellstick that is connected to an linux server that doesn't have X installed due to minimized hw/sw setup.

It would be a great advantage to be able to run TelldusCenter on this setup as well. With it the customer can benfit from the Telldus Live! service for remote internet control of devices as well as simplified device management.

Idea 1 TelldusCenter for headless linux servers could be controlled via a web interface, prerequsite to have i.e. apache web server installed with xx modules.

Idea 2 Add basic functionallity for communication between a TelldusCenter service and Telldus Live!, open API's. All setup and configuration could be done via conf files with descriptive log messages in the service deamon. API function for TellStick Duo so that i.e. temperature or sensor data can be used to program own control of devices.

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