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#114 Use a TellStick Net from TelldusCenter telldus-core Some future release / Patches welcome enhancement 10/25/11

If TellStick Net has an interface for local control, without Telldus Live! it will be possible to use the device as a TellStick Duo.

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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#268 Problem with tdtool extended command telldus-core defect 11/28/12

Whenever a value above "\x7F" (!!!1127 in Dec) is send in a raw command (In extended command confirmed, but I guess also in the basic command) the final packet is malformed.

signed versus unsigned data storage?

#329 motor modules chacon 54754 Telldus Live! defect 11/14/13


Do motor modules can only be configured as ON OFF switch? The engines I have as "self leaming on/off" and work well. But it is not suitable, since they are some blinds and not a lamp.

The problem is that the engines are turned on / off by the bulb-icon. Is there possible to add another type of device Chacon?

#333 OSX service hangs TelldusCenter defect 11/25/13

Very often TelldusCenter hangs in OSX, both Lion and Mavericks. This has been reported in your forums for over a year ago and still no progress that fixes the hang of the service and in some cases the application. Please fix ASAP!!

#337 Nya funktioner other defect 12/09/13

Hej Ni haren superprodukt, jag har använt den sedan den första generationen av stickan men nu använder jag net versionen. Jag har två stycken, en hemma och en på landet, jag har tidigare bara använt dom hårdkodade Nexa mottagarna för att på så sätt slippa göra grupper, nu går det inte att få tag på dom och jag har provat många andra som inte fungerat tillfredsställande så jag har mer och mer börjat köra dom självlärande och arbeta med grupper vilket fungerar, men det blir ofantligt många olika enheter och grupper. Kan man inte göra som med sensorerna att man helt enkelt kan göra dom synliga eller inte, då kan man ha alla enheterna osynliga och bara jobba med grupper, helst skulle jag vilja att man kan lägga till egna sidor, då kan man ha en med alla enheter och grupper, en annan sida med grupper och enskilda enheter för landet, en annan sida för hemma, skulle det kunna gå att ordna?


Tomas Falkman

#353 Problems compiling Telldus Core on OS X Mavericks (10.9) telldus-core defect 02/12/14


First I have to mention that I'm no expert on cmake and c in general. More of a high level, no need to care about memory management, kind of developer ;) Obviously telldus core works on osx mavericks since TelldusCenter is working out of the box. So I'm guessing my problem is more of a "missing documentation" issue. I finally got it working by performing the steps described below.

I was trying to build telldus core, byt simply performing cmake, make, and make install was a no go. Failed at cmake where it complained that the ftd2xx path wasn't found. Some quick googling also revealed that there were issues with ftd2xx on Mavericks, so I'd thought I give libftdi a go instead.

My steps to build:

First some modifications to the source and cmake configurations (see attached patch).

Then install libftdi to use instead of ftd2xx

$ brew install libusb pkg-config libusb-compat libftdi

Then cmake. I ended up building HEAD on the master branch, but had the same issues on the 2.1.1 release. I also couldn't get cmake to find libftd so had to provide the full path manually.

$ cmake . -DFORCE_COMPILE_FROM_TRUNK=TRUE -DFTDI_LIBRARY=/usr/local/lib/libftdi1.2.0.0.dylib

Then make and install

$ make
$ sudo make DESTDIR=/ install

After this it worked as a charm.

Perhaps you could update your build instructions for OS X so a make noob like me can get up and running faster :)

#356 Sensor json format differ Telldus Live! defect 03/19/14

The json returned from sensors/list with includeValues doesn't match the format used in sensor/info.

In sensor/info the data fields are under a certain "data" struct which makes it very easy to identify the different sensor values. But when using sensors/list with includeValues, the sensor values are just delivered "flat" under the same struct.

Not only does it make the client side implementation complicated since we need to deal with two different formats. It's also more or less impossible to know which fields are actually sensor values. At least dynamically.

I would actually say this is as a defect. I was about to make Remotestick do less requests to Telldus Live but this format makes it very hard.

#358 Firmware update not working 2.1.2 RC1 TelldusCenter defect 03/27/14

From the windows client (not tested with mac/linux clients) the firmware update is not working. Stopping on "Entering bootloader" progress.

#359 Client/telldusd goes into loop sending repeated commands in specific scenario telldus-core defect 03/30/14

(Short recap in english from  http://www.telldus.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=25499#p25499])

Running master (77c93d1c7c2cb0e7528faae3bf347f074b126989), and having a slow archtech selflearning dimmer (3.2s execution time for tdDim). Platform is really FreeBSD, not Linux but should not make any difference.

Sending two tdDim in short succession will get the second sender's sendToService method into a loop, sending the tdDim command up to 20 times, effectively blocking telldusd from handling any other requests.

Source of problem: 1s timeout in sendToService, in combination with telldusd only handling commands via the mainloop, which is blocked by the long-running tdDim. sendToService timesout and re-sends, but telldusd still picks up the msg and executes it.. And so it goes on.

Two solutions:

  • Increase read timeout (not a real solution)
  • Allow telldusd to execute the actions in a standalone thread, not blocking the main thread.

#371 Doxyfile.in is not included in the release archive telldus-core defect 06/23/14

When building telldus-core from source in release 2.1.2 cmake reports the following error:

CMake Error: File ~/telldus-core-2.1.2/Doxyfile.in does not exist.

The source was retrieved from  http://download.telldus.se/TellStick/Software/telldus-core/

I run an up-to-date Arch Linux with Doxygen installed.

Copying Doxyfile.in from head in the git-repo resolved the error.

#374 Support of Oregon Scientific rain sensor - Setting up in web UI event/conditions Telldus Live! defect 09/14/14

Short description: The value types of the rain sensor: mm and mm/h are not selectable, a depending event does not work. User context: Login to telldus live Select MyEvents/New event Drag a new sensor condition to the right place Select a Rain sensor out of a list box item Now the for type selection this listbox is empty

Expected behaviour: The type listbox should show all possible type values as (mm, mm/h) It also should be possible that after selecting a valid type value this measured value of this type can be used for the control of developed event.

Tested telldus device: Telldus stick net

#375 Support of Oregon Scientific rain sensor in iOS App Telldus mobile other defect 09/14/14

Short description: The measured values of type rain rate and rain total sent by rain sensor are not displayed in iOS app.

User action: Loged in app - Telldus Live Select the view of sensors

Expected result: All sensors and their current measured and sent data are shown.

Actual behaviour: Temperature sensor values are correctly displayed but the values for rain sensors are missing (rain rate in mm/h and rain total mm)

App version: 1.0.3

#377 Age is missing from certain sensors telldus-core defect 10/08/14

Some of the recently added Oregon sensors seem to have no "age" value when using tdtool --list-sensors. However, the update timestamp is shown with --list.

I've observed this with Oregon wind sensor (WGR800) and rain gauge (PCR800).


# tdtool --list
PROTOCOL            	MODEL               	ID   	TEMP 	HUMIDITY	RAIN                	WIND                	LAST UPDATED        
oregon              	1984                	3    	     	        	                    	SE, 0.7 m/s (1.0 m/s) 	2014-10-08 20:48:10 
oregon              	2914                	8    	     	        	0.0 mm/h, 73.7 mm   	                    	2014-10-08 18:46:24 


# tdtool --list-sensors
type=sensor	protocol=oregon	model=1984	id=3	winddirection=135	windaverage=0.7	windgust=1.0
type=sensor	protocol=oregon	model=2914	id=8	rainrate=0.0	raintotal=73.7

#398 Add support for Oregon Scientific UVN800 other defect 11/30/14

It would be great if you could add support for Oregon Scientific UVN800. The sensor is found by the TellStick Net, but there is no data (UV index). According to your support, there is a problem with the checksum calculation of the data received from the UVN800 sensor that requires changes in the tellstick net firmware.

#399 telldusd trigger an assert on FreeBSD 10.1 telldus-core defect 12/01/14

iconv is using platform dependent encodings and WCHAR_T is not a valid encoding on FreeBSD 10.1 resulting in an empty string returned from TelldusCore::wideToString.

The following output can be seen on startup of service: telldusd daemon starting up FILE:14: no such option Assertion failed: (opt && opt->type == CFGT_STR), function cfg_opt_getnstr, file confuse.c, line 277. Abort (core dumped)


#443 Scheduler: 3 minute gap between set and executed scheduler event start or stop time. other defect 09/02/15

I have a device called "13 Takapiha • valot". The Telldus Live! scheduler was set turn OFF the device today at sunset time (2.9.2015 at 20:21). Offset setting was 80 mins, and random interval setting 0 (zero) mins. I expected sheduler to turn OFF the device at 21:41, but the device was turned OFF actually at 21:44. I could notice the 3 minute difference (21:41/21:44) before the event was executed by opening the "Add/Edit schedule" window where an additional pop-up window opened and informed "Off, 21:41. Next time will be 21:44, 02 September 2015".

What makes this case interesting is that AFTER this sheduled event was executed today as described above, it seems to execute the same function perfectly tomorrow without any intervention by me.

What have I missed - I have no idea why the actual OFF time differed from set time. The offset was set to 80 mins. weeks earlier and the random interval has been set to zero since the beginning of the schedule in question. I can only guess that the user interface update today from (2.9.2015) Telldus could have affected to scheduling somehow.

I use the latest Telldus Live! version updated today with Tellstick Net v17. I have a screen capture of the "Add/Edit schedule" window described earlier in this message.

Any ideas for this would be appreciated, thank you.

#450 TelldusCenter not working on OS X El Capitan TelldusCenter defect 10/01/15

After installing OS X 10.11 El Capitan, the OS warns that TelldusCenter is incompatible and was disabled.

#458 telldusd: If bind fails, telldusd loops infinitely telldus-core defect 11/20/15

If telldusd fails to bind(2) to /tmp/TelldusEvents, the following accept(2) will also fail and it starts looping infinitely. With the following patch, it instead gives up. The patch should not be committed as it is, since I don't know what the proper way of handling the error should be. I can create a proper pull request if you agree that simply closing the listener is ok.

+++ b/telldus-core/service/ConnectionListener_unix.cpp @@ -65,7 +65,10 @@ void ConnectionListener::run() {

strncpy(name.sun_path, d->name.c_str(), sizeof(name.sun_path)); unlink(name.sun_path); int size = SUN_LEN(&name);

  • bind(serverSocket, (struct sockaddr *)&name, size);

+ if (bind(serverSocket, (struct sockaddr *)&name, size) < 0) { + perror(name.sun_path); + return; + }

listen(serverSocket, 5);

Change permissions to allow everyone

#473 Signature by key ... uses weak digest algorithm other defect 07/19/16

Running Ubuntu 16.04 it's no longer possible to use APT with your repository. Could you please generate a longer one :)

W: http://download.telldus.com/debian/dists/stable/Release.gpg: Signature by key 70C410C9D73D53E838B31C585A949181E501EA76 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)
$ lsb_release -a
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Release:        16.04
Codename:       xenial

#484 live.telldus.com is not https which allows session hijacking Telldus Live! defect 12/30/16


please make sure live.telldus.com defaults to https. I can manually change to https but not everything works then.

I can easily hijack the PHPSESSID cookie and gain access to all live.telldus.com and start controlling all devices!

#485 Confirm notification in Android app Telldus Live! defect 01/23/17

I can't find a way to confirm and clear the notification in Android app. Would be grate to have a logg with the last notifications and timestamp.

#487 High bandwidth usage znet-lite Telldus Live! defect 04/16/17

Bandwith usage tellstick-znet-lite previous week 22 MByte/day. (Compared to tellstick-net using 1 MByte/day).

TellStick ZNet Lite v2 v1.0.11 TellStick Net v17

Sensors connected to znet-lite is 10 433MHz temp sensors and one wind sensor. No schemes and 10 simple triggers for low temp. No lua scripts.

Limiting needed as 4G network used

#491 GPG key served over insecure http other defect 07/26/17

The current link in the wiki:  https://developer.telldus.com/wiki/TellStickInstallationUbuntu has the following link to the GPG key:


As you can obviously see it is served over http, meaning there is no way to verify that the file is actually served by telldus.

#492 Tellstick detecting sensor as Fineoffset and outputting pure garbage. other defect 08/02/17


My TellStick reads values from wireless temperature sensors one located outdoors and one in sauna.

Sensors: The sensors and the main unit are very generic and can be found easily from china. These ones are imported by Prego. Picture of the package:  http://www.hetikauppa.fi/tuotekuvat/19593.jpg Picture of the sensor itself:  http://finbullet.fi/images/8604_1505_653.jpg I tried to search the original manufacturer but could not. Brands found that seem to have rebranded these: -Axxel -Prego -Dykie (Original name?)

The problem is that the values usually are exactly 204.7c or something like that even if the value changes from the sensors and tdtool is showing humidity output (255%) even though these sensor only measure temperature. And the id shown as 255.

I have read something that those sensors should be parsed as X10 but nothing so far. Currently I'm trying to modify firmware and the telldus-core software. I'm trying to get raw data out so I could figure it out how the protocol works.

#493 How to install Telldus Core on Raspbian Stretch? telldus-core defect 10/12/17

I am trying to install Telldus Core on Raspbian Stretch.

If I try to use the repository "stable main" I have unmet dependencies (libconfuse0) and there is no support for the armhf architecture in "stretch main".

What is the correct way to install the package?

#495 TellStickNet RF performance other defect 12/03/17

I recently bought TellStickNet (Batch code 14409, Model TSNET). In my application I needed all available RF performance. I noticed that 433.92 nominal TX frequency is about 80kHz high (434.0MHz). This is so much that it already decrease receiver sensitivity. Deepper investigation revealed that either TX chip XTAL load capacitors do not match with the XTAL spec. Without knowing the XTAL spec I experimentally set the load capacitors. 33pF each gave exact 433.92 RF output.

Also noticed that output level is only about +4dBm measured directly from the antenna connector.

#319 Support for BIltema temp/humidity sensor 84056 telldus-core enhancement 09/26/13

Just wondering if you could add support for the temp/humidity sensor (84056) from Biltemas weather station. It's the cheapest sensor on the market as far as I know (SEK 64:90), so it could be popular for people wanting many sensors (like me...).


I have tried one, and I can see a blue light in the Tellstick Net when I insert the batteries. But it does not pop up in live.telldus.com.

#331 Possibility to add multiple housecodes and unitcodes for a device in Telldus live Telldus Live! enhancement 11/20/13

Today it is only possible to add one house code and unit code per device in telldus live.

I have a for example a Nexa self learning on/off which I control with two different remote controls, each sending different codes.

To get the correct device status (on or off) in telldus live (and in my android app), it should be nice to have the possibility to listen to multiple house codes and unit codes to be able to add the codes for both remote controls.

#332 Support for motion detectors telldus-core enhancement 11/22/13

Please, add support for TellStick Duo/Linux (and other products) for motion detectors, like this one:


#336 Calibration values for sensors Telldus Live! enhancement 12/05/13

On Telldus Live-> My Sensors-> Edit I want an inputfield to add a correction/calibration value for hygrometers, and possibly thermometers as well.

I have several hygrometers myself, which I have calibrated and therefore I know they show wrong values. It would be very uselful to be able to input a correction-value in Telldus Live so that the humidity shown are correct.

#342 Compare measurements Telldus Live! enhancement 01/04/14

Would be useful to be able to compare measurements and for example start the garage fan if the humidity in the garage is higher than the humidity outside. Could be implemented as a straight compare as today (Meas1 <>= Meas2) or in a a more general form (Meas1 - Meas2 + Meas3 + ... <>= Num), which is more flexible and useful.

There are expensive products like this already in the market for ventilation of attics (which takes it one step further and calculates the dew-point), so there could be a business case here for you.

#343 Events to control active/inactive state of schedule (or events) Telldus Live! enhancement 01/06/14

It would be really useful to be able to let events change the active/inactive state of schedules (and events). This way it would be possible to easily have "home" and "away" schedules for devices. An event could turn on the schedule when I leave home and disable the schedule when I get back home. Useful for turning on/off lights when away. It is really annoying when the scheduler turns on/off lights when I am home.

#344 Add support for Nexa fire alarm other enhancement 01/07/14

It would be nice if Nexa fire alarm ( http://www.nexa.se/LM-101LC-2-pack.htm) was supported. Perhaps it could be reported as sensor and the value read could be 0 or 1:x where 0 = no fire, 1 = alarm reported, x = device in system that reported.

#345 Possibilty to prevent detecting new sensors Telldus Live! enhancement 01/12/14

Everyday a new fake sensor is added to the list of sensors which makes it hard to quickly read the sensor list. I don't know the origin of these fake sensors (could be everything from neighboring real sensors to interfering car-keys (according to forums), or anything else using the 433MHz band. I propose to implement a simple preference switch on the "my sensors" page to be able to stop adding new sensors. To avoid changing default behaivor the switch should default be set to detect new sensors.

Should be simple enough to implement and would simplify sensor reading a lot. It would prevent the sensor list to clog up. Also you won't have to store all these fake sensor readings on your server.

#346 Adjustable curve or maximum preheat times for block heater trigger Telldus Live! enhancement 01/13/14

The current block heater trigger works great if it isn't too cold. However it seems to be designed for certain types of cars that heat up quickly. In modern diesel cars the engine heater element requires longer heating times than traditional petrol engine block heaters. The current block heater trigger preheat time seems to max out around 1.5h which can be insufficient.

Official recommendations on the heating times vary. Svensk Energimyndigheten seems to recommend a maximum heating time of 1,5h regardless of engine. Their Finnish equivalent recommends a maximum of 2h for traditional block heaters and 3h for other less efficient heater types.

Therefore it would be useful to be able to set a longer maximum heating time according to the user's local conditions. In colder weather (-15 to -25 C) a heating time as long as 3 hours may be required with some cars.

#347 Include sensor value in email or SMS created by event Telldus Live! enhancement 01/14/14

It would be great if I could include sensor values (and potentially device states) to my emails/SMS/URL's that I create using events.

The use case would be:

  1. Give more information through email and SMS to me as an end user so I don't have to open up the app immediately to see what the sensor value is.
  2. Simplify external logging since the request for saving historic data is over two years old

#348 Add Live event trigger if location goes offline Telldus Live! enhancement 01/14/14

It would be great if i could make an event based on a trigger if an entire location goes offline (generally that means that I have lost power in my summer house or that internet is down...)

#349 Testable event: location offline Telldus Live! enhancement 01/26/14

I think it would be useful to receive an SMS or email when there is a power problem at home and I am travelling. A solution for this could be to provide a trigger indicating "Location offline", possibly after a delay, since it appears there are also offline-situations due to intermediate internet problems.

#350 Add google/yahoo login button to mobile login webpage Telldus Live! enhancement 02/03/14

When using a mobile device the login page that is received from Telldus does not, in comparison to the full desktop version, have buttons for logging in through other services (google/yahoo). Users that created their account through these services are then note able to login.

These buttons should be added to the mobile version also.

(A workaround where the mobile app identifies itself as a "desktop" device is possible but does not give a good user experience since this page is not mobile friendly)

#351 Support for queing commands when receiving telldus-core enhancement 02/11/14

I would like to see some sort of support for queing outgoing signals if the telldus duo is already receiving signals. This way any outgoing signals won't get lost if another device is also transmitting.

Now if the telldus is receiving commands and you request to send an ON signal to a device the device won't turn on since something else is transmitting.

It appears the RFXtrx already supports this.

#352 Gömma enheter på Telldus Live för Tellstick Net Telldus Live! enhancement 02/12/14

Hej Jag undrar om man inte kan lägga till en funktion i Telldus Live, på samma sätt som ni har på på sensorerna där man gör dom synliga eller inte skulle jag vilja ha på enheterna, då kan man tända och släcka separata enheter som man har kopplade till grupper vilket skulle minska antalet synliga enheter när man jobbar med många grupper. Hoppas att det går att ordna

Med vänlig hälsning

Tomas Falkman

#355 "Kontaktorsvar" Telldus Live! enhancement 03/18/14

Det hade varit bra med en funktion där man bara kan se statusen och inte själv slå till eller från en enhet. Exempelvis kunna se om man verkligen larmade på när man gick hemifrån. Risken idag är ju att någon annan i familjen kollar på appen och råkar slå av "indikeringen". Ett lösenordsskydd på brytarna hade ju också löst detta.

#360 Patch: Minor FreeBSD compilation fixes for telldus-core telldus-core enhancement 03/30/14

Please see  https://github.com/telldus/telldus/pull/6

#370 Events based on speed of sensor change. Telldus Live! enhancement 05/15/14

All the best and intelligent control systems do not respond to high levels of humidity but the speed of change. This identifies it as caused by a human rather than just atmospheric.

So to be able to use the speed a sensor changes as well as the level it is at would make Telldus much better.

#376 Add power measurement to Telldus Live Telldus Live! enhancement 09/23/14

I would like to know how much power is being drawn by my devices in telldus live. I know we can't measure it, but it can be calculated if we specify a wattage for each device manually. Then Telldus Live can calculate wattage with the time period each device is on, and give an estimate of kWh per day or something.

What do you guys think?

#378 tdtool/TelldusCenter to query different and remote telldusd instances telldus-core enhancement 10/08/14

tellstick.conf already seems to allow more than one Tellstick in its controller section. If the client and server software was enhanced by enabling communication over e.g. TCP, remote telldusd instances could be configured in tellstick.conf and then one client (tdtool/TelldusCenter/etc) could manage multiple Tellsticks.

#385 Lmst606, oregon sensorer, temperatur/regn/vind logging Telldus Live! enhancement 11/04/14

Forslag til forbedringer: Telldus live:

  • Bedre støtte for Nexa lmst-606, gjøre så den kan brukes til kun å vise status på en dør/vindu/garasjeport. Ikke mulig å slå av/på som idag. Ha dette som et eget valg.

Telldus live app:

  • egen "oppdater" knapp
  • vise tidspunkt for sist oppdatering av sensor
  • støtte for oregon vind/regn sensor

Logging av temperatur/vind/regn og mulighet for å vise dette public.

#392 Add support in Duo for Clas Ohlson remote socket receiver telldus-core enhancement 11/11/14

Add support in Duo for Clas Ohlson remote socket receiver (36-8836)  http://www.clasohlson.com/se/Fj%C3%A4rrstr%C3%B6mbrytarset-3-pack/36-8836

#406 Raw data from Telldus Live Telldus Live! enhancement 12/22/14

It would be great if there was a choice to add a device with "raw" data in Telldus Live. Maybe under experimantal? Even if telldus.net will not be able to decode this its possible to use the functions in Telldus Live to send commands to devices not listed in GUI.

#408 Support for FT007TH Themo-hygro Sensor other enhancement 01/01/15

Hi, please add support for FT007TH Themo-hygro Sensor from unit connection technology. Link to protocol description:  http://www.uctechnologyltd.com/product/20140801085949560.xls Product page:  http://www.uctechnologyltd.com/en/productshow.asp?id=434&sortid=81 I'm using telldus center (OS X) and telldus-core (Linux).

#433 Add support for oregon scientific RTHN318 telldus-core enhancement 04/14/15


I've bought and Oregon Scientific RTHN318 temp&humidity sensor.

Any chance to add support for tellstick duo?

How can I help you to do this?

#434 Support for RFXMeter from RFXCOM.com for tellstick-duo other enhancement 04/27/15

This adds support for the RFXCOM-protocol that is used by the RFXMeter. The same protocol is used by the Wireless Pulse Counter (WPC) from foogadgets.

Both RFXMeter and WPC are devices that is used to calculate pulses. Usually one counts the pulses transmitted by the Electricity/Gas meter. The pulses represents consumed energy (Wh or liter). One can then easily keep track of consumed energy/gas.

In the case of Electricity measures, one can easily calculate the current power consumption by measuring the time between the transmissions.

The patch implements the support for the RFXCOM-protocol that is similar to the X10-NEC protocol. The protocol have 6 bytes data. It also have a simple checksum that is implemented and verified to work.

#456 Implementation of PT2262 on tellstick net other enhancement 11/04/15

PT2262/CS2262 is a chip typically found in cheap no-brand hardware such ass alarm sensors and remote controls. The IC encodes a 12 bit tri-state register jumpers. (Some times used as a 8 bit address and 4 bit code) In order to keep decoding flexible in tellstick-net, the implementation decodes the registers in to a single 10 base integer value prior to transfer. Back-end decoding of that long back to a ternary is needed in order to do processing of the register values, or it could be used as a "bell" device with the registers as a unique identifier.

#468 Make it possible to remove spikes Telldus Live! enhancement 02/01/16

Sometimes it may happen that value is incorrectly read from the sensor. Whatever it's caused by, it would be great if there's a way to remove such values from history either manually or automatically.

As for the automatic way, there could be min and max value defined and if the sensor value is lower than min or higher than max, the value would be ignored automatically (and maybe added to a log where such unexpected value would get logged).

As for the manual way, user should be able to select the value in the Telldus Live! history chart and remove it.

#469 tdtool.py to support sensor history download other enhancement 03/10/16

I've been trying to prepare tdtool.py (with sensors) to support sensor history download. But I just can't get "doRequest" to return any data. Anyone that can do the last couple of bits to get it working?

PS: I have sensors with åäö in their names. tdtools.py chokes on this, this is fixed in the enclosed file.

#477 Nya ikoner. Telldus Live! enhancement 10/28/16

Det vore bra att kunna välja mellan fler typer av ikoner på enheterna. Om man tex har en rullgardin eller något annat som inte är en lampa så blir det förvirrande o ha en lampa som ikon.

#479 Support for TFA Spring with sensor TFA 30.3206.02 telldus-core enhancement 11/07/16

Please, add support for TFA Spring weatherstation which uses external sensor TFA 30.3206.02. This sensor is visible with telldus, but the values are not correctly decoded. You can find more information about the protocol used here (in the docs directory):  https://github.com/emax73/TFA-Spring-sensor-30.3206.02

#494 Native push support for local-API devices other enhancement 10/20/17

It would be nice if the local API could support push of events to subscribers. I.e., when a motion detector detects movement the TellStickZnetV2Lite sends a push notification directly to e.g. HomeAssistant (or other local services).

This is especially useful when TellStick devices are running in environments with unstable Internet (like in a summer house with just a mobile connection).

There is two practical way of implementing this, either let the LUA environment support remote requests (via some HTTP lib), or let the API have an option that lets external services subscribe to events locally so the TellStick* not only sends the event to TelldusLive but also to the local service.

#501 Läsa av termometer via alexa command Telldus Live! enhancement 11/05/18

Skulle vara super om man kunde ge Alexa ett kommando "What's the temperature in Kitchen"


#326 Login timeout Telldus Live! task 11/01/13

The login timeout to Telldus Live is very short (1 hour?), is it possible to disable the timeout or at least have a longer span? Now you basically have to login almost everytime you access the Live website.

#478 Nexa LDR-075 dont work with znet lite V2 other task 11/06/16

Hello, I have connected the new Znet lite V2 to my netwotk. But trying to program Nexa LDR-075 is not possible. Its no problem to program the LDR-075 to my Tellstick Net though. Also tried to have the units close, about 10cm. I have three LDR-075, so it can be excluded that there should be any problems with the receiver.



#316 Telldus Scheduler does not work on Windows 8 TelldusCenter defect 07/16/13

Error message: "DeviceScheduler - An unhandeld error has occurred in the application. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

See support ticket 5630

#157 Tdtool takes long time to exit in Linux/Mac telldus-core 2.1.3 defect 01/11/12

Interrupt "std::wstring clientMessage = d->eventSocket.read(5000);" when stopping Client thread.

That's why for example tdtool now takes up to 5 seconds to finish in Linux (tdClose). See if Windows is affected.

#208 Client does not receive events after that the daemon has been restarted telldus-core 2.1.3 defect 03/16/12

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start telldusd
  2. Start client that listens to events
  3. Trigger an event

-> client notices this

  1. Restart telldusd
  2. Trigger an event

-> client does NOT notice this

Don't know if this is supposed to work or not.

micke prag <micke.prag@…> (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#215 TelldusCenter segfault in Linux TelldusCenter 2.1.3 defect 06/04/12

Latest developer version of TelldusCenter segfaults on (at least) Kubuntu 12.04.

(empty) (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#225 Optimize reception of Elro-remotes in TellStick Duo telldus-core 2.1.3 defect 06/27/12

TellStick Duo seems to have problem with some Elro branded remotes. In comparison with TellStick Net, it reacts to less signals.

#256 Telldus Live! web browser compatibility Telldus Live! 2.1.3 defect 10/11/12
  • Devices not listed in IE10 on Windows 8
  • Google service login not working in Chrome (needs verification)
  • Auto detection activation link not working in IE

#259 Telldus center preventing reboot TelldusCenter 2.1.3 defect 10/22/12

When selecting reboot(starta om) osx, computer will not reboot unless telldus center is shut down manually. OSX 10.7.5 macbook mid 2007 Tellstick batch 16

#271 Debian package fails to build from source telldus-core 2.1.3 defect 12/06/12

I tried getting the Debian/Ubuntu source package and building it, but it is missing build dependencies specified in control file ("Build-Depends:").

I changed to:

Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7), libftdi-dev, libconfuse-dev

but it still fails to compile:

telldus-core-2.1.1/common/Socket_unix.cpp: In destructor ‘virtual TelldusCore::Socket::~Socket()’:

telldus-core-2.1.1/common/Socket_unix.cpp:44:18: error: ‘close’ was not declared in this scope

#290 Value "timezoneoffset" missing when querying /sensors/list Telldus Live! 2.1.3 defect 02/09/13

When querying sensors/info the sensors contains the value lastUpdated and timezoneoffset, however when querying sensors/list only the value lastUpdated is returned for each sensor.

/sensors/info: {*, "name"=>"Sensor 2", "lastUpdated"=>1360403284, "ignored"=>0, *, "timezoneoffset"=>3600}

/sensors/list [*, "name"=>"Sensor 2", "lastUpdated"=>1360403089, "ignored"=>0, *, "online"=>"1", "editable"=>1}]

I've cut some of the data from the responses, but the timezoneoffset is clearly missing. Clients would be forced to query each sensor individually to be able to check if the values have been updated since last query. Instead, it would be better to have this value in the sensors/list and be able to query only once for all sensors.

#299 telldus-core-2.1.1 not closing filedescriptors/sockets properly on ARM/Raspberry Pi? other 2.1.3 defect 03/18/13

During investigations on why telldusd becomes unresponsive after a day or two, I found that filedescriptors were kept open. Not sure if this is the cause of the problem but it seems logical. After each invocation of tdtool i have as many more open files as i have devices (six of them) by a new thread-id. Not sure if this has anything to do with #216 or #271, it does compile on my Raspberry Pi but the fix from 488ab8 does not help with the bug.

lsof | grep /tmp/Telldus | wc -l && tdtool --list > /dev/null && lsof | grep /tmp/Telldus | wc -l

lsof | grep /tmp/Telldus | wc -l && tdtool --list > /dev/null && lsof | grep /tmp/Telldus | wc -l

lsof | grep /tmp/Telldus | wc -l && tdtool --list > /dev/null && lsof | grep /tmp/Telldus | wc -l

The file /tmp/TelldusEvents is the one that is opened multiple times:

telldusd  21141           nobody    1u     unix 0xcbaa6200      0t0    3387972 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141           nobody    4u     unix 0xca7dec80      0t0    3390846 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141           nobody    5u     unix 0xca421900      0t0    3388417 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141           nobody    6u     unix 0xcbb09200      0t0    3388894 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141           nobody    8u     unix 0xca7dee40      0t0    3391133 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141           nobody    9u     unix 0xcbaa6c80      0t0    3391332 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21142     nobody    1u     unix 0xcbaa6200      0t0    3387972 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21142     nobody    4u     unix 0xca7dec80      0t0    3390846 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21142     nobody    5u     unix 0xca421900      0t0    3388417 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21142     nobody    6u     unix 0xcbb09200      0t0    3388894 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21142     nobody    8u     unix 0xca7dee40      0t0    3391133 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21142     nobody    9u     unix 0xcbaa6c80      0t0    3391332 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21143     nobody    1u     unix 0xcbaa6200      0t0    3387972 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21143     nobody    4u     unix 0xca7dec80      0t0    3390846 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21143     nobody    5u     unix 0xca421900      0t0    3388417 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21143     nobody    6u     unix 0xcbb09200      0t0    3388894 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21143     nobody    8u     unix 0xca7dee40      0t0    3391133 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21143     nobody    9u     unix 0xcbaa6c80      0t0    3391332 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21144     nobody    1u     unix 0xcbaa6200      0t0    3387972 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21144     nobody    4u     unix 0xca7dec80      0t0    3390846 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21144     nobody    5u     unix 0xca421900      0t0    3388417 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21144     nobody    6u     unix 0xcbb09200      0t0    3388894 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21144     nobody    8u     unix 0xca7dee40      0t0    3391133 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21144     nobody    9u     unix 0xcbaa6c80      0t0    3391332 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21145     nobody    1u     unix 0xcbaa6200      0t0    3387972 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21145     nobody    4u     unix 0xca7dec80      0t0    3390846 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21145     nobody    5u     unix 0xca421900      0t0    3388417 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21145     nobody    6u     unix 0xcbb09200      0t0    3388894 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21145     nobody    8u     unix 0xca7dee40      0t0    3391133 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21145     nobody    9u     unix 0xcbaa6c80      0t0    3391332 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21146     nobody    1u     unix 0xcbaa6200      0t0    3387972 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21146     nobody    4u     unix 0xca7dec80      0t0    3390846 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21146     nobody    5u     unix 0xca421900      0t0    3388417 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21146     nobody    6u     unix 0xcbb09200      0t0    3388894 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21146     nobody    8u     unix 0xca7dee40      0t0    3391133 /tmp/TelldusEvents
telldusd  21141 21146     nobody    9u     unix 0xcbaa6c80      0t0    3391332 /tmp/TelldusEvents

stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> (No matches found.)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created

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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#339 Incorrect decoding of on/off depending on software/firmware combination TelldusCenter 2.1.3 defect 12/17/13

Verify and fix:

"Using this beta (software + firmware) in combination with Switchking (server results in incorrect signals. For example with KlikAanKlikUit senders like a remote or motion detector, the on signal is received with the correct house+device code but the off signal is received in a completely different house+device code.

Reverting to 2.1.1 software, but keeping firmware 12, it all works as it should again."

#357 Problems with TellStick Duo and raw commands telldus-core 2.1.3 defect 03/21/14

TellStick Duo fails sending some raw commands (Windows command line only, or file too?), but reports success. TellStick works.

See support ticket 9520.

#361 Linking problems on some arm platforms telldus-core 2.1.3 defect 03/31/14

See this thread:  http://www.telldus.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4231#p25531

Verify, test and apply patch.

#366 Visible and "pused" sensors is not stored on OS X TelldusCenter 2.1.3 defect 04/28/14

Names are stored but which sensors are visible or not is not stored if TelldusCenter is restarted.

See support ticket 10160

#382 Problems when leaving sleep/hibernate mode on Windows 8.1 TelldusCenter 2.1.3 defect 11/03/14

Even after at driver upgrade (to 2.10.0), there might still be problems in some Windows 8.1 systems after coming out from sleep/hibernation mode. If TelldusCenter was not started when entering sleep mode, it will not be able to connect to the service if started afterwards. A restart of TelldusService makes it work again. If TelldusCenter was started, it will work again.

Try to fix this by reinitialize the listening sockets when leaving sleep mode.

#386 Incorrect time offset for Moscow timezone Telldus Live! 2.1.3 defect 11/06/14

See this upstream python bug report,  http://bugs.python.org/issue22799

#403 PHP bindings need to be updated other 2.1.3 defect 12/05/14

php5.4 så finns inte "function_entry" utan den heter nu "zend_function_entry" om man ändrar det så bygger allt korekt och det verkar fungera.

denna tråd hjälpte mig att lösa problemet:  https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=61479

"You need to change "function_entry" to "zend_function_entry" and each "pval" to "zval"."

#140 Add scheduler to TelldusCenter TelldusCenter 2.1.3 enhancement 12/07/11

The scheduler is almost done, but need graphic touch up and some more testing on different platforms.

micke prag <micke.prag@…> (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#154 Using TelldusCenter on headless linux system TelldusCenter 2.1.3 enhancement 01/03/12

Request a feature to use TelldusCenter on a standalone headless linux server.

There is a common use case to have a tellstick that is connected to an linux server that doesn't have X installed due to minimized hw/sw setup.

It would be a great advantage to be able to run TelldusCenter on this setup as well. With it the customer can benfit from the Telldus Live! service for remote internet control of devices as well as simplified device management.

Idea 1 TelldusCenter for headless linux servers could be controlled via a web interface, prerequsite to have i.e. apache web server installed with xx modules.

Idea 2 Add basic functionallity for communication between a TelldusCenter service and Telldus Live!, open API's. All setup and configuration could be done via conf files with descriptive log messages in the service deamon. API function for TellStick Duo so that i.e. temperature or sensor data can be used to program own control of devices.

(empty) (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#155 Support for newer generations of Roxcore projector screens telldus-core 2.1.3 enhancement 01/04/12

Support only for the first generation at the moment.

#179 Delete schedule after execution Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 01/30/12

Allow the user to configure "one-time schedules" in the scheduler. Whenever a schedule has been executed, it should be removed.

This would allow developers to build "timers" in their applications, webservices etc, "Turn off light in 15 minutes". A schedule is set for time + 15 minutes, and deleted after execution.

#212 Flags in Live Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 06/01/12

It would be a great feature if there could be a possibility to add flags in the Live environment that could be set by external apps.

If these flags then could be used to trigger different schemes to be active or inactive would that give the possibility to get a more controllable way of using the Live environment.

The easiest way would be to have a limited number of flags 5 to 10 and that you could enable them to control each scheme. You could have a tick box per flag and one tick box to either use AND or OR in order to have a proper logic.

Example: Home or out If two flags "Fredrik-home" and "Anna-home" could be set so that when one or more of them is set to ON so is the "Home-scheme" enabled and when both is set to OFF so is the "out-scheme" enabled.

Then could the flags be controlled by for instance Tasker in Fredrik’s and Anna’s mobiles so when they are close to home is the flag enabled and when they are out is the flag disabled.

So when anyone is home you have lighting that is suitable and when all are out is the lighting limited.

#241 Display IP-number on My devices Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 09/05/12

Add IP-number from where the Telldus unit is reporting from on "My devices" page. Could be a simple Title/tooltip hoovering the status.

This will help me find the current IP-number from where my server/net is connected. Good when DynDNS is out of service or for any other reason you would like to trace where my unit is connected.

#267 Support Nexa Pro devices TelldusCenter 2.1.3 enhancement 11/27/12

Nexa has recently re-released their Nexa Pro (433 MHz) serie. From reports in the forum it looks like these doesn't work with Tellstick yet.


Especially WRR-1 and WDR-1

#270 Poll multiple sensors in Live! API Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 12/04/12

New method suggested sensors/poll which gives sensor values and lastUpdated for each ID specified. For example:

sensors/poll?ids=12345,12346 might return: [


"id": "12345", "lastUpdated": 1354259383, "data": [


"name": "temp", "value": "2.7"

}, {

"name": "humidity", "value": "65"



}, {

"id": "12346", "lastUpdated": 1354259401, "data": [


"name": "temp", "value": "19.7"

}, {

"name": "humidity", "value": "75"





Suggested parameters: ids => comma separated list of sensor Ids (the global id) to include in the result set

This request would include every id specified, even though it might refer to an ignored sensor.

#272 Support for device push notification from Telldus Live! Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 12/17/12

It would be nice with push notifications from Telldus Live! on certain events. Like when devices change states or when a sensor reaches a certain threshold value. I am particularly interested in support for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

Needed: registerDevice(type, identifier) where type is either APN or GCM (more?) and identifier is the device identifier for the type. unregisterDevice(...)

And then some methods for what events to get push notifications for.

#285 Filter devices per client Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 02/04/13

It would be nice if clients/list had an additional client filter parameter where one could put one or more client ids. The resulting device set would only include devices belonging to any of the specified client ids.

Why? There seems to be a need for not including all clients all the time (like Sommarstugan).

#298 List and revoke third party access Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 03/12/13

As a user of third party apps I would like the possibility to, within live.telldus.com, list any valid authentication tokens third parties might have and be able to invalidate/revoke them so that the third party app cannot access my account anymore.

#304 Add error code in error response Telldus Live! 2.1.3 enhancement 04/28/13

It would be really useful if we could have a response code to every error response.

For instance, a code to associate the following error with:

{"error":"The sensor with id "299540" does not exist"}

This makes it much easier for third party apps to do something useful when particular errors occur.

#367 Add Nexa Selflearning Bell to TelldusCore telldus-core 2.1.3 enhancement 05/07/14

See #318

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