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Opened 6 years ago

Age is missing from certain sensors

Reported by: bjørn ruberg <bruberg@…> Owned by:
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Component: telldus-core Version: 2.1.2
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Some of the recently added Oregon sensors seem to have no "age" value when using tdtool --list-sensors. However, the update timestamp is shown with --list.

I've observed this with Oregon wind sensor (WGR800) and rain gauge (PCR800).


# tdtool --list
PROTOCOL            	MODEL               	ID   	TEMP 	HUMIDITY	RAIN                	WIND                	LAST UPDATED        
oregon              	1984                	3    	     	        	                    	SE, 0.7 m/s (1.0 m/s) 	2014-10-08 20:48:10 
oregon              	2914                	8    	     	        	0.0 mm/h, 73.7 mm   	                    	2014-10-08 18:46:24 


# tdtool --list-sensors
type=sensor	protocol=oregon	model=1984	id=3	winddirection=135	windaverage=0.7	windgust=1.0
type=sensor	protocol=oregon	model=2914	id=8	rainrate=0.0	raintotal=73.7
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