Accessibility Support in Trac

Not every user has a graphic environment with a mouse or other pointing device. Some users rely on keyboard, alternative keyboard or voice input to navigate links, activate form controls, etc. In Trac, we work to assure users may interact with devices other than a pointing device.

Trac supports accessibility keys for the most common operations. On Windows and Linux platforms, press any of the keys listed below in combination with the <Alt> key. On a Mac, see dedicated note below.

Note that when using Internet Explorer on Windows, you need to hit <Enter> after having used the access key.
Note that when using Firefox 2.0 on Windows, you need to hit <Shift> + <Alt> + <Key>.

Mac/OS X with Safari 10 (as of feb. 2017): Use "<ctrl>" + "<option ⌥ >" + "<Number corresponding to shortcut>" (as described below).

Global Access Keys

See also: TracGuide