Python for TellStick

Did you know that Python can be used to control a TellStick or TellStick Duo?

Our examples show you how to interact with the library directly using ctypes but there is also three third party wrappers to ease the development.

The first one is also based on ctypes but hides the nasty details of the c-library such as memory cleanup. Please check it out:

The second one is a native wrapper. This has been merged to our repository here: bindings/python/native

The third one also provides a object oriented interface. Available on github:

So if you are a Python fan, go on and write applications for TellStick using your favourite language.


1. Erik Johansson -- 11 years ago

I also created a ctypes based python wrapper for the c-library a couple of months ago. In addition to hiding the "nasty" details of the c-library it also provides a object oriented interface.

Available on github:

2. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

Thank you Erik, I have updated the post with your library as well

3. RAGNEAU sylvain -- 10 years ago

Hi erik, I did'nt find an other way to send you a question about telldys-py. Before thankyou for your work, it's usefull to have a class for my web project.

I need to set an handler to know when a sensor is turnOn. Example with a door sensor, i would like to set all light on.

I did'nt find an example with your code to do this one. Thankyou in advance

4. Erik Johansson -- 10 years ago

The example code seen here should get you started (note: I have renamed the project to tellcore-py). The script has callbacks for all callbacks that are supported by Telldus.