TelldusCenter 2.1.2 Beta 10 available for Windows/Mac

The new functions in TelldusCenter 2.1.2 beta are now available for Windows and Mac.

New functions since the old beta (2013/05/23/tellduscenter_2.1.2_beta1) are:

  • Support for wind/rain sensors for Oregon Scientific version 3 (WGR800 and PCR800)
  • Support for Oregon Scientific THGR810 and THGN801 (#284)
  • Support for RollerTrol blinds (#310)
  • Possibility to send sensor values to Telldus Live! (#186)
  • (Windows only) Possibility to upgrade TellStick/TellStick Duo firmware from TelldusCenter (no need to shut down the service when upgrading from there)

This version is already available for Linux, | beta 8, with the exception of the firmware upgrade utility inside TelldusCenter.

  • New firmware for TellStick Duo (version 12):
  • Support for some Oregon Scientific version 3 sensors (see above)

Download from here: (windows) (mac)

As usual, let us know of any bugs and problems. It's still a beta.


1. Björn Nilsson -- 10 years ago

When I try to install the beta10 on windows7 it says: "Error opening file for writing:


Click Abort... bla bla"

Tried install as admion and uninstall first but still get the same message.

Any ideas??

2. Stefan Persson -- 10 years ago

Is there a file named C:\windows\system32\TelldusCore.DLL ? Do you have any third party programs accessing TellStick running?

4. Lars-G Hansson -- 10 years ago

I had TelldusCenter-2.1.2_beta1 installed and got the same problem trying to install beta10.

I also have SwitchKing server Server (Database 2.5.5) and EventGhost 0.4.1.r1600 running with the Tellstick duo plugin running, logging.

I uninstalled Telldus and got the same message when trying to install any Telldus, I tried 2.1.1, 2.1.2_beta1 and beta10. The DLL file was not present in Windows/System32 any longer.

Looking into the “services” Telldus Service” was still there after uninstalling it, but it was not possible to start it. The problem with the services was that the information was not removed from the registry when being uninstalled. This could be helped by removing it from registry.

Then I pressed Ignore when I got the error message and the installation went on. It seems to work now and the dll file is present in Windows\system32.

When trying to upgrade my Tellstick duo via TelldusCenter, after stopping all SwitchKing services, it hung on install bootloader. I re booted the PC and got the same problem. When stopping Telldus in services and trying to install “the old way” It couldn’t find any Tellstick (maybe I chosen Tellstick net, I’m not sure). After re booting the PC, stopping SwitchKing and Telldus services the update worked as it should.

Hope you can use this info and please remove my first attmpt.


5. cyberde -- 10 years ago

Using this beta (software + firmware) in combination with Switchking (server results in incorrect signals. For example with KlikAanKlikUit senders like a remote or motion detector, the on signal is received with the correct house+device code but the off signal is received in a completely different house+device code.

Reverting to 2.1.1 software, but keeping firmware 12, it all works as it should again.

6. Stefan Persson -- 10 years ago

@cyberde Haven't noticed this ourselves, but we'll investigate it: