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#154 Using TelldusCenter on headless linux system micke prag <micke.prag@…> enhancement major TelldusCenter 2.1.0
#215 TelldusCenter segfault in Linux micke prag <micke.prag@…> defect major TelldusCenter 2.1.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#87 Received event -> New action-connection stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> enhancement major Telldus Live!
#209 History for Telldus Live!-scheduler stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> defect major Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#284 Oregon Scientific 3.0 protocol (e.g. Oregon THGR810) enhancement major other 2.1.1
#306 Teknikmagasinet Viking Väderstation task major telldus-gui
#328 Verify reception of LWST605/LWST615 from TellStick Duo defect major other 2.1.1
#338 Scheduler not behaving correctly when sun doesn't set/rise at all defect major Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#364 Use wind or rain sensor values in events enhancement major Telldus Live!
#368 Add Nexa Selflearning Bell to TelldusCore enhancement major telldus-core
#310 Add RollerTrol protocol enhancement minor other
#321 Add FilterSensor-argument to sensors/list in API enhancement minor Telldus Live! 2.1.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#140 Add scheduler to TelldusCenter enhancement major TelldusCenter
#155 Support for newer generations of Roxcore projector screens enhancement major telldus-core 2.1.0
#157 Tdtool takes long time to exit in Linux/Mac defect major telldus-core 2.1.0
#179 Delete schedule after execution enhancement major Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#208 Client does not receive events after that the daemon has been restarted defect major telldus-core 2.1.1
#212 Flags in Live enhancement major Telldus Live!
#225 Optimize reception of Elro-remotes in TellStick Duo defect major telldus-core 2.1.1
#241 Display IP-number on My devices enhancement major Telldus Live!
#256 Telldus Live! web browser compatibility defect major Telldus Live!
#259 Telldus center preventing reboot defect major TelldusCenter 2.1.1
#267 Support Nexa Pro devices enhancement major TelldusCenter
#270 Poll multiple sensors in Live! API enhancement major Telldus Live!
#271 Debian package fails to build from source defect major telldus-core 2.1.1
#272 Support for device push notification from Telldus Live! enhancement major Telldus Live!
#285 Filter devices per client enhancement major Telldus Live!
#290 Value "timezoneoffset" missing when querying /sensors/list defect major Telldus Live!
#298 List and revoke third party access enhancement major Telldus Live!
#299 telldus-core-2.1.1 not closing filedescriptors/sockets properly on ARM/Raspberry Pi? defect major other 2.1.1
#304 Add error code in error response enhancement major Telldus Live!
#339 Incorrect decoding of on/off depending on software/firmware combination defect major TelldusCenter
#357 Problems with TellStick Duo and raw commands defect major telldus-core 2.1.1
#361 Linking problems on some arm platforms defect major telldus-core 2.1.1
#366 Visible and "pused" sensors is not stored on OS X defect major TelldusCenter 2.1.2
#367 Add Nexa Selflearning Bell to TelldusCore enhancement major telldus-core
#382 Problems when leaving sleep/hibernate mode on Windows 8.1 defect major TelldusCenter 2.1.2
#386 Incorrect time offset for Moscow timezone defect major Telldus Live!
#403 PHP bindings need to be updated defect major other 2.1.2
#35 Possibility to add a text for information how to configure a device fjacobsson enhancement minor telldus-gui 2.0
#63 The width of the state-column is to small micke prag <micke.prag@…> enhancement minor TelldusCenter 2.0
#82 Scene support stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> enhancement minor telldus-core 2.0
#83 Request for new timestamp methods in API micke prag <micke.prag@…> enhancement minor telldus-core 2.0
#91 Let one device react to several codes stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> enhancement minor other
#107 Add support for sensor events in TelldusNetWrapper stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> enhancement minor other
#113 Backup/Restore devices from TelldusCenter mprag enhancement minor TelldusCenter 2.1.0
#161 Support for Velleman K8056 enhancement minor telldus-core 2.1.0
#162 Support for Draper projector screens enhancement minor telldus-core 2.1.0
#189 Enumeration of supported protocols enhancement minor telldus-core 2.1.1
#190 Enumeration of parameters per protocol enhancement minor telldus-core 2.1.1
#191 Save sensor data longer time enhancement minor Telldus Live!
#211 Sorting in Telldus Live! enhancement minor Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#217 FAQ for Telldus Live! task minor Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#309 Device names too long defect minor Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#369 Timestamps in event action emails enhancement minor Telldus Live!
#372 Possibility to opt-out from HTML-formatting in events-email enhancement minor Telldus Live!
#428 Error sending raw commands from tdtool with bytes > 0x7F defect minor telldus-core 2.1.2
#249 Diming a group will change status even of undimmable devices to dimmed defect trivial Telldus Live!
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