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#87 Received event -> New action-connection stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> enhancement major Telldus Live!
#209 History for Telldus Live!-scheduler stefan persson <stefan.persson@…> defect major Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#284 Oregon Scientific 3.0 protocol (e.g. Oregon THGR810) enhancement major other 2.1.1
#306 Teknikmagasinet Viking Väderstation task major telldus-gui
#328 Verify reception of LWST605/LWST615 from TellStick Duo defect major other 2.1.1
#338 Scheduler not behaving correctly when sun doesn't set/rise at all defect major Telldus Live! 2.1.1
#364 Use wind or rain sensor values in events enhancement major Telldus Live!
#368 Add Nexa Selflearning Bell to TelldusCore enhancement major telldus-core
#310 Add RollerTrol protocol enhancement minor other
#321 Add FilterSensor-argument to sensors/list in API enhancement minor Telldus Live! 2.1.1
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