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How to restore a bricked TellStick Net

Did something happen during a firmware upgrade of your TellStick Net? And now it won't start again?
Don't worry! You can probably restore it again yourself.

If something goes wrong while upgrading the firmware in the TellStick Net, it will automatically reset itself to ip address and listen for a new software. All you need to do is to join the same network on your computer and upload the firmware using tftp. Please read below for your operating system.

The latest firmware can be downloaded here:

Cycle the power to the TellStick Net and make sure the green led on the network connector flashes in groups of seven blinks. If it does it is now in recovery mode and is ready for a new firmware.

Mac OS X

Change the ip-address of your mac: open System preferences... > Network
Change Configure IPv4 to "Manually" and enter IP address and the subnet mask
Click "Apply"

Open a terminal and type tftp -e

rexmt 1
timeout 60
put [PATH]/tellstick_net_fw3.hex

wait for the upload to complete, close tftp with the "quit" command, reset the ip configuration of the mac.

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