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Welcome to Telldus Developer

Telldus Developer is an interactive page devoted to the users of TellStick and other Telldus products. This site replaces the old wiki of Telldus and adds new features such as enhanced project management capabilities. In other words this site is the optimal platform for information sharing and development of Telldus software.


One of the primary reasons for the wiki is the provide help and support from both Telldus developers and users. One source of support is the FAQ page. However, support may also be found under the specific application of interest.

The wiki holds information about TellStick in all regards. Both complete and incomplete softwares are shared and projects of Telldus developers and individuals are made available. If you have any Telldus-related application you would like to share with the world, the wiki is the place to upload information on. You can both upload text and images about your project. As all wiki pages you can modify the content of any page by clicking "Edit this page". Please do remember that this site is intended to be in English. Help and instructions are found under TracGuide.


Project management

Telldus Developer is based on the Trac platform for web-based project management. Trac uses the so called ticket system which means any project can be divided into separate sub-projects. A ticket is a certain task that has to be completed. With the roadmap feature it is possible to follow in what phase a project is and how much work there is left until it is finished. Just like with the wiki help and instructions are found under TracGuide.

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