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Welcome to Telldus Developer

Telldus Developer is an interactive page devoted to help developers developing third party application against Telldus products.

Getting started

Telldus provides two different APIs for access. Before gettings started you should first decide which suits your needs best. Why two differens APIs? Both APIs tries to solve different issues and have its own drawbacks. Please see "Comparison" at the end of this document for an overview between the two.

[doxygen:/ telldus-core]

This is our C-based API available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is installed alongside TelldusCenter on Windows and Mac OS X but available as a separate package on Linux. [doxygen:/ Read more]

Telldus Live!

This is out web based API available for over the internet. This is the only API for accessing TellStick Net. Read more


[doxygen:/ telldus-core] Telldus Live!
Can be used offline
Can be used on another computer than where the TellStick is connected
Suitable for mobile devices
Supports TellStick
Supports TellStick Duo
Supports TellStick Net

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