EventGhost is a open-source automation tool for Windows, which can be extended with plugins. It is possible to use varius controllers as remote controllers to trigger macros, which then controlls a computer and its connected peripherals. When the user has configured everything needed, the software runs in the background and waits for an event. It is for example possible to controll a Media-PC with a normal remote control.

Example of events:

  • Hotkeys
  • Another software starts
  • Another software (e.g. EventGhost on another computer), Girder or Netremote sends an event over TCP/IP
  • A specific HTTP-request, made to the built in webserver
  • Another software sending an event by ActiveX

Exempel of things to control:

  • Controlling lights etc. wirelessly with a TellStick!
  • Start a program on the computer
  • Emulate a keypress
  • Control the soundcard
  • Move and resize a window
  • Send IR commands to other peripherals


In EventGhost 0.3.6 and later, the TellStick plugin is shipped with the official EventGhost distribution

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