How to update the firmware in TellStick Net using Mac using the terminal

First you need to find out the IP-number of your TellStick Net, the easiest way is to check the list of attached devices in your router.
You can find the MAC-adress on the label at the bottom side of TellStick Net (it should start with AC:CA:54). When you've found this MAC-adress in the router, note the IP-number.

Download the latest firmware file here:
Download the file named "tellstick_net_fw<version>.hex" with the highest version number.
Right click the file and select Download Linked File As...
Select your home folder as destination folder.

Open a terminal and type "tftp -e <tellstick-net-ip-number-here>"

rexmt 1
timeout 60
put [PATH]/tellstick_net_fw17.hex

Please wait for the upload to complete.

Close tftp with the "quit" command.


Q: The firmware software says "No TellStick found". What can I do?

  • A1: Are your computer connected wirelessly to the network? Try deactivating wifi and connect the computer with a cable instead.
  • A2: Try connecting the TellStick Net and your computer the another network. Maybe at a friends house or the office?

Q: I lost the power while flashing my TellStick Net and now it is bricked, what can I do?
A: Don't worry. It will probably be possible to fix it without sending your device to us. Please see our guide.


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