TellStick installation - Linux

The Linux installation of TellStick requires kernel version 2.6.14 or later. You will also need support for the driver ftdi_sio.

To find out which version of the kernel you are running, use this command:

uname -r


In order to build the software under Linux some softwares is required. You need at least the following:

gcc (compiler) and a working toolchain.

On debian systems, this can be installed by installing the package build-essential

libftdi (and the corresponding development package)

Called libftdi1 and libftdi-dev on debian

libconfuse (and the corresponding development package)

Called libconfuse0 and libconfuse-dev on debian


Using kernel 2.6.21 or later

If you are using kernel version later than 2.6.21 you need to make sure the kernel module ftdio_sio is not loaded in the kernel.

Check if the module is loaded into the kernel by:

lsmod | grep ftdi_sio

If it is loaded, unload with:

modprobe -r ftdi_sio

Installing the software

Download the latest source code from Telldus at: (beta here: )

Unpack it:

cd /usr/src
gunzip telldus-core-{version}.tar.gz #Change {version} to the downloaded version
tar xvf telldus-core-{version}.tar

This creates the directory /usr/src/telldus-core-{version} containing the files from the archive. We only support the GNU version of tar archiving utility. Note on some systems it is called gtar.

Go to the new directory

cd telldus-core


Telldus Core is built using CMake (, version 2.6.0 is the minimum required version. This means there is no configure-script, but you need to run cmake.

To configure telldus-core for your machine type:

cmake .

in the package directory.

By default, Telldus Core is configured for installation in the /usr/local directory, but this can be changed by using the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr option. Alternatively, the DESTDIR="/opt" option can be used to specify a "local" installation within the source directory when running "make install".


To create the library and compile all the tools type:


If you did not configure Telldus Core using the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr option, you need to install the library and tools in the appropriate place. To do this, type:

su -c "make install"

and enter the root password.

If you want to install in another directory, type:

su -c "make DESTDIR=/opt install"

Note that on some systems the make utility is named differently, e.g. gmake.

On some systems the cache for libraries need to be updated, type:

su -c "ldconfig"

Configuring the receivers

After the compilation is done, go on and configure the receivers, or install TelldusCenter to configure them in an graphical environment.

Installing TelldusCenter

Download source for TelldusCenter (graphical management and control of devices) here:

TelldusCenter installation guide needed

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