How to restore a bricked TellStick Net v2, TellStick ZNet Lite (v1), or TellStick ZNet Lite v2

Did something happen during a firmware upgrade of your TellStick? And now it won't start again?
Don't worry! You can probably restore it again yourself.

If something goes wrong while upgrading the firmware in the TellStick, you'll need to put it into failsafe mode. It will then start a web browser at ip address and it's possible to upload a new firmware there. You will need to join the same network on your computer and upload the firmware.

Please note: It's very important that you download the correct firmware for your product!
The firmware can be downloaded here:

TellStick Net v2:

TellStick ZNet Lite (v1):

TellStick ZNet Lite v2:

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