Posts for the month of March 2012

New library for java developers

Are you developing your software in Java? Don't like JNI or JNA? The user jstrom just released a native wrapper for Java that talks to telldusd directly, without using the c-code.

From his post:

I've just implemented a pure java library for talking to telldusd. It is available at The README describes what it can and cannot do.

The background of implementing it was that I don't really like the idea of having native-libraries (which the current binding is, a wrapper around the native C lib), if I can get away with writing it in pure code. Since the only thing it does is talking over the network in a non-speed-sensitive way, I cannot really see any reason to NOT write it in pure code. The only thing would be maintenance overhead, but the wrapper would still need updates if the librarie gets more functions etc.

The only quirk right now is that telldusd uses UNIX sockets... Would there be any chance of changing this/complementing with TCP sockets in the future? As java doesn't do UNIX sockets natively (not portable), I have to rely on socat for 'bridging' the sockets (more on that in github README). Not the perfect solution but..

Any input is welcome, (but please read the README first;))!


Please note that this library is not supported by Telldus.

New repository mirrors

We have now started two more repository mirrors. This makes it easier for everyone to create personal forkes and changes. We mirror our main repository on both Gitorious and GitHub.

Now it is really simple to create a personal fork on one of the sites, start hack on the code and then create a "pull request" to contribute your changes back to Telldus (which we would love if you do).

Read more: Guides/Contributing

Help us develop local access using TellStick Net, build your own firmware

We are developing the support for accessing the TellStick Net from you local network. We do not believe in predatory vendor lock-in. We are not happy with the situation that you are required to use our Telldus Live! service with your TellStick Net, even if the service rocks :).

We belive you should have the ability to use whatever thirdparty service you like, or even develop your own!

The reason for the requirement of Telldus Live! is due to the limited time we had before the launch. We simply prioritized the cloud service before the local access since we believe this is the main advantage TellStick Net has over TellStick Duo.

We have now reached a point where we really need your help and input on this. We have therefore released a custom firmware, prepared for local access only, which you can build and hack on your own.

The firmware includes all the protocols supported by TellStick Net version 3 and TellStick Duo version 5. To communicate with the device, read the [doxygen:TellStickNet.html protocol documentation].

The code is hosted in a git repository available on our server. You need to checkout the t114 branch using:
$ git clone -b t114

There is also a sample client software available in the 'client' folder. It is written in python and shows both the autodiscovery feature as well as sending a simple command.

The firmware is released under GPL.