Posts for the month of January 2013

Beta testers wanted II

We are finally ready for beta testing of device event reception and remote control scanning in Telldus Live!

We need your help to test the following in the web interface:

  • Scan remotes (and motion detectors and magnetic switches) (#118)
  • Live updates of sensor values (has been active for a while now) and device state when TellStick Net receives an incoming signal.

We are interested in having this tested on different platforms and different browsers, and we want you to look for bugs and have opinions about the UI. We will also monitor the impact this may have on the server performance.

This functionality is only accessible from Telldus Live! on the web, not in the API.

If you are interested to try this out, post a comment below and we'll pick out some of you and activate beta access. We'll not add any more beta testers at the moment.

Beta tester wanted for new mobile application

We are working on a new application for mobile phones. We are currently in the state where we need beta testers. If you are interested in testing our new app, please leave a comment below with the model of your phone.

We will pick out a handful of testers and let you know how to participate.

Edit: Thank you all for your interest. We have not enough testers now. Please do not forget to send your feedback to feedback-1.0.1@…. Don't forget to include the model of your phone in the report.