Posts for the month of April 2013

TellStick Net beta firmware

A beta for TellStick Net has been in use by a few of our beta testers for a while now, and since the included features are needed by some of you, we are making the beta public. It can be downloaded here:

Use for example this program (for windows) do flash the firmware:

Extract the flasher program, drag-and-drop the hex-file to the program icon. Then select your TellStick Net in the list, ignore the "Already up to date"-message. If you after that check the "My locations"-tab in Telldus Live! it should say version 12.

New features and fixes since the last stable release:

  • Can receive Hasta protocol, both old and new
  • Fix bug where some motion detectors/magnetic switches gets different house/unit code for on and off - If you can't scan one of those devices, please test this firmware
  • Checksum validation for fineoffset (one temperature sensor type), means less false positives
  • Changed the way the Oregon Scentific protocol is received, this should improve reception but needs additional testing - If you experience worse reception, downgrade and let us know
  • More precise server assignment logic allows for a TellStick Net to be placed on a certain server, which may be useful for beta testers
  • Some minor bug fixes

Please report any problems/feedback to us. We have no known issues so far, but remember that it's a beta.

Beta testers wanted for testing events

It's time again for a new beta test. This time we are looking for testers wanting to try out events from TellStick Net. This means you can for instance trigger action upon temperature sensors and device state change.

We are going to test this in several steps. Right now we are only looking for developers. To qualify this round you need an application using our API. If you want to participate, please see below.

Applications using the development key will unfortunately not qualify at this time.

Update: We are now accepting any developer to try this out. To participate, email mp@… with the name of your application, a description of what the application does and screenshots.

Update 2: Anyone will now qualify for this test. [[beta:1 Check it out!]]