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Telldus Live! Events - launch date

We would like to thank all our beta testers for testing Telldus Live! events. We have got a lot of feedback and we are busy implementing your ideas. We thought that we knew how the system was going to be used but you really showed us a lot of new ways. We are very greatful for that.

We would also like to annouce the launch date for Telldus Live! events. From November 4th the test period will be over and we are gradually going to open Telldus Live! events to more users. We are going to let people access this some at a time. This to make sure everyting works smoothly and no issues arise.

When we opened up our beta to the public we opened it to 100 users. We thought this should be enough to satisfy the most interested people. Could we have been more wrong? The interest was huge and we got a lot of emails after all of the 100 spots where filled to open it up to more users. Therefore we are going to let anyone with a Pro account access the beta right now. Head over to Telldus Live! and sign up for a Pro account and you will get access to the beta version of events right now!

Announcing Telldus Live! Pro

Telldus Live! is constantly growing. We are proud to tell you that, every month, the system handles more than 5 billion sensor updates, 2.5 million scheduled jobs and even more manual commands from you. To continue to grow and add more advanced features we are introducing Telldus Live! Pro.

Q: What is Telldus Live! Pro?
A: Telldus Live! Pro accounts is our way to offer a premium set of features for TellStick Net users.

Q: Does this mean that I have to pay to use my TellStick Net now?
A: No, of course not. All current functionality will remain free and most new features will be free too. It's only premium features that will be limited to Pro accounts.

Q: How much is it?
A: You can try it out for one month for €3 or a whole year for €25. There is 3 SMS credits included in the one month account and 25 credits in the whole year.

Q: What is included?
A: In a Telldus Live! Pro account you will at the moment get access to:

  • Sending SMS from your events
  • Sending Email from your events
  • Call to any url from your events
  • Combining two conditions using AND
  • Sensor values are updated more often in the database*.
  • Early access to new features

* Non Pro accounts are limited to database storage once every 10 minutes and Pro to once every 5 minutes. All values are still pushed to the webpage and third party applications.

Events for TellStick Net invites you to a public beta test

Do you want to let a bell sound when the temperature in your fridge gets too high?
Do you want an email when someone trigger a motion detector in the office?
Or do you just want to turn on the outside lamp when the sun goes down, but only if its later than 23.00 and the backyard door is open?
Of course you want to!

We are finishing the event system for TellStick Net. Some of you have already been trying the system during the development phase. We are now ready for a more extensive beta.

Anyone with a TellStick Net can take part in this beta test. We will open this up to 100 users or until October 1st, whatever happens first.

What are you waiting for? [[beta:1 Sign up here]].

Update: We now have a release date.