Posts for the month of August 2012

Telldus Technologies and Proove in new collaboration

Today we have the pleasure to announce that Telldus and the Swedish company Proove have initiated a business relationship.

Proove is a Swedish company located in the south of Sweden specialized in manufacturing and distribution. With 18 employees in Sweden and 16 in their Shanghai based office they have a lot of experience in working close to the producers when it comes to products, logistics and quality control.

Telldus products will be manufactured by Proove in China. Proove will take over the entire chain from manufacturing to sales and distribution while development still takes place by Telldus in Sweden.

We are thrilled about this collaboration since this allows us to focus on the things we are good at, while still knowing that the production is in good hands.

How will this affect you?

If you are a retailer or distributor this means you will have a contact focusing on you and making sure there are products in stock, with good quality. For you, the end consumer, this will lead to higher availability of Telldus products. We will also have more time on our hands to implement more features and fix bugs.

We would like to emphasize that this doesn't effect at all our beliefs in Open Source and that compability with different vendors is still valued high. We will continue to try to support as many different remote socket receivers and temperature sensors as we can.

Where are we now?

We are currently shipping the first batch of TellStick Net manufactured by Proove. We will also switch batch system to use Proove's number system. This batch is numbered 12592.

We have taken the opportunity to include some improvements to the product. First of we have added holes for mounting the product on a wall or ceiling.

TellStick Net has been known to have some issues communicating with products with a faulty wired connector. These products only affect 10 Mbit/s products (which TellStick Net is). We have included a fix on our side to detect this so that even this equpiment can be used together with TellStick Net.

The implemetation of these changes were much smoother and quicker in this collaboration compared to when we had to do any modifications in the products before.

As always, thank you for all your feedback and for keeping our forum active and fun.

Team Telldus

Python for TellStick

Did you know that Python can be used to control a TellStick or TellStick Duo?

Our examples show you how to interact with the library directly using ctypes but there is also three third party wrappers to ease the development.

The first one is also based on ctypes but hides the nasty details of the c-library such as memory cleanup. Please check it out:

The second one is a native wrapper. This has been merged to our repository here: bindings/python/native

The third one also provides a object oriented interface. Available on github:

So if you are a Python fan, go on and write applications for TellStick using your favourite language.