Posts for the month of June 2012

Telldus Live! Scheduler - Announcing beta

As many of you using the scheduler in Telldus Live! probably have noticed, we have had a lot of problems lately due to server overload. We have added additional servers, but the scheduler itself could only run on one server at a time, and that put too much strain on that server, also leading to slugginess in the whole system.

This weekend we also experienced network problems on one of our locations. Everyone connected to these servers were rerouted to another location, all according to plans. Unfortunately the used memory kept rising on the alternative location (see picture, GMT-time), and the connected clients weren't moved back to the other servers. For a while, Telldus Live! was unreachable. We couldn't fix this until 1 A.M. on the night between Saturday and Sunday. If anyone still has any problems controlling devices from Telldus Live!, send us a message, some clients might have ended up in an inconsistent state.

Memory Graph

We have developed a new version of the Telldus Live! scheduler backend, which allows for servers running it simultaniuosly, better error reporting and a more stubborn execution of the scheduled events if the TellStick Net was offline at the first run. A scheduled job is now not considered successful until an acknowledgement has been received from the TellStick Net that a signal actually has been sent.

To allow for this new scheduler, we have just updated all servers with new Telldus Live!-software. In addition to functions needed for the new scheduler, there are also some other parts that have been rewritten to allow for other upcoming Telldus Live!-features. We have tested the new server version for a while, but not all combinations, so if you notice anything unusual, sensors that aren't updated any longer, TelldusCenter versions that doesn't play nice, etc, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can fix it!

If you have a TellStick Net (firmware 3 or later) and is interested in helping can help beta testing the new scheduler by editing your jobs (you might have to refresh page first, if using the beta it will be visible in the tooltip) and select "BETA" in Telldus Live! (see picture below). That way, the job will be executed using the new scheduler. Please note that this is a beta, but it will probably be working much better than the current one. There will still be delays, mainly caused by general load from the ordinary scheduler and heavy database load, and we'll have to tune how many servers should be running the new scheduler and so on.


TellStick Net firmware upgrade

TellStick Net has had problems receiving data from some variants of the Jenkinsbird sensor, .

We have now addressed this with a firmware update. The flasher can be downloaded for Windows or Mac.

There are no other changes in this firmware update, so if you don't own this sensor, or if it's working already, there is no need to update.