Posts for the month of March 2015

Telldus Z-Wave beta 1

We are looking for testers for one of our Z-Wave based TellStick. This is not the final hardware and might be disabled when this test is complete. After this test period, an upgrade program to the final hardware will be available.

This TellStick has the following specifications:

  • Z-Wave EU controller
  • No 433 MHz is available
  • Requires an internet connection

We are looking for testers for the software and platform. These are our requirements:

  • You need to have your own Z-Wave accessories since we have no possibility to supply this.
  • We expect a report at least once a week on your experiences.

After signing up please send an email to mp@… and motivate why you should be accepted in this test.

There is only 4 pieces available for this test so be sure to motivate well why you should be chosen.

Interested? Please sign up.

We are enhancing Telldus Live!

With a guide it will be easier and clearer

More and more devices are supported in Telldus Live! We think that is very pleasant! But at the same time it has made it somewhat difficult to identify the correct accessory that you want to add to your smart home system. That is why we have made a completely new guide.

This enhancement means that you will identify your device much easier by brand and pictures of each device. In the last step you will get a step-by-step guide of how to install that specific device into your smart home system. So now you can almost skip reading the the manual how to install the device.

Just follow the guide in Telldus Live! and you will make no mistakes.

Sensor history - Beta

One of the most requested features is the possibility to view sensor values over time. Did the temperature at any point go below 0°C last night? How much does the temperature in my fridge fluctuate? How humid was it in my basement in August compared to June?

We are now launching a closed beta where you can follow your sensor history. Sensor history is mainly a Pro-feature, so while the stored values are only saved every 10 minutes and kept for 2 hours for non-pro-users, they're stored much longer for Pro-users. For Pro-users, incoming values are saved with 5 minute intervals for one month, 15 minute intervals for three months, 1 hour intervals for a year, and every third hour a value is stored with no expiration date at all. These limits may change in the future. In the beginning of the beta it will however only be possible to view values from a week ago in any case.

Temperature, humidity, rain and wind values are stored. The total rainfall and wind direction is not presented in a sensible way yet, but it's kept for future use. For Z-Wave, power consumption and luminescence sensors are also included.

If history should be kept or not is set per sensor and is off by default for all new sensors. Max and min values are recorded for all sensors though.

If you are interested in joining the beta please note this first:

  • Beta is only available for Pro-users
  • The sensor history might be purged without warning if necessary for development reasons
  • Beta users will be using a completely different storage system for all sensor values, and even if the system has gone through a lot of testing there might still be issues that could effect ordinary sensor viewing or event executions. If you got important sensor events the beta perhaps isn't for you. However, it's always possible to change back to non-beta, should there be any problems.
  • The sensor values in Telldus Live! are right now only viewable from the last week, even if there actually might be history stored from a year back. They are displayed in a very rudimentary graph right now (see picture below), where scales or time frames cannot be set. But it's possible to access all history using a new API function.

Interested? Please sign up here.
[EDIT] Since all beta slots now is taken, it's possible to access the sensor history beta by navigating to: to activate/access the sensor history without applying for a beta slot.