Posts for the month of December 2015

Use Fibaro Motion Sensor

The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a really nice and small PIR with additional temperature and light sensor.

The light and temperature sensor reports are turned off by default, to activate them you'll need to set configurations 42 to 64 to desired values.

To set the interval between light reports, set configuration 42:

To set the settings for temperature, set configurations 60 to 64:

Keep in mind that this is a battery operated sensor and that it will drain more battery to send sensor values more often. Select values so that you get the reports as often as you need them.

The temperature sensor report will only be sent if the temperature differs more than the value set in configuration 60. If the temperature is very steady and the value of configuration 60 is set to eg. 1 degree, the report will be sent very rarely.

The settings will not be sent to the sensor when you press save since it's sleeping most of the time. The settings will be sent automatically on next wake up or if you wake it up manually by pressing the button three times quickly.

Regarding the wake up time, this setting should be set to a low value when you are setting up the device in order for it to wake up often and receive new settings. But after that is done you should set it to only wake up rarely to reduce the battery consumption.

Merry Christmas!

TellStick ZNet Lite firmware version 1.0.6

We've now released firmware version 1.0.6 for TellStick ZNet Lite. It has some very important new features and bug fixes.

How do I do the firmware upgrade?
TellStick ZNet Lite will upgrade to the latest version automatically. It checks for a new version once per day.
If you are experiencing any problems with the upgrade, please contact us at

So what is new in this version?

This firmware version is prepared with group support.

433 MHz devices in events
The data sent to the 433 MHz co-processor was sometimes disrupted in earlier version, it's now sent as one package to the co-processor.

Dim in scheduler
This didn't work in earlier versions.

Multi channel devices End point 1
Due to Z-Wave certification, we need to show end point 1 of all multi channel devices.
This end point should represent the main device.
This means that all multi channel devices will have one more device in the list from now on.

New 433 protocols
Sartano, Cotech and Biltema/Goobay are implemented

Z-wave certification stuff

Some buggfixes

Team Telldus wishes you a merry christmas!