Posts for the month of October 2018

New app version! v3.7

We are now rolling out version 3.7 of our iOS and Android app. The main new feature is local control. This means that the control signals does not pass through the Telldus Live! cloud to get to TellStick, but instead is sent directly from the app to TellStick. This will make controlling devices a lot faster and it will also work even if the internet connection is down or if there are any issues with the Telldus Live! cloud.

This is a phased rollout, this means that it can take up to one week before you get the new version.

Local control is available for TellStick Net v2 and TellStick ZNet Lite v1/v2 when the phone is on the same network as your TellStick. When local control is available there will be a house icon instead of the cloud icon next to the TellStick. Also when controlling a device, the flashing indicator will be blue instead of orange when the control is done locally.

Unfortunately, we need to drop support for Android version 4.
We're working on adding support for iOS9 to this version but without local control.