Posts for the month of November 2013

TelldusCenter 2.1.2 Beta 10 available for Windows/Mac

The new functions in TelldusCenter 2.1.2 beta are now available for Windows and Mac.

New functions since the old beta (2013/05/23/tellduscenter_2.1.2_beta1) are:

  • Support for wind/rain sensors for Oregon Scientific version 3 (WGR800 and PCR800)
  • Support for Oregon Scientific THGR810 and THGN801 (#284)
  • Support for RollerTrol blinds (#310)
  • Possibility to send sensor values to Telldus Live! (#186)
  • (Windows only) Possibility to upgrade TellStick/TellStick Duo firmware from TelldusCenter (no need to shut down the service when upgrading from there)

This version is already available for Linux, | beta 8, with the exception of the firmware upgrade utility inside TelldusCenter.

  • New firmware for TellStick Duo (version 12):
  • Support for some Oregon Scientific version 3 sensors (see above)

Download from here: (windows) (mac)

As usual, let us know of any bugs and problems. It's still a beta.

TellStick Net beta firmware, version 16

This beta release adds support for some Oregon Scientific version 3-sensors, for example THGR810 and THGN801 (WGR800 (wind) and PCR800 (rain) are also received in this firmware, but they are not yet handled correctly in the Telldus Live! interface).

If you have other Oregon Scientific 3-sensors that are received with this firmware, please let us know, since it's not always clear which models share the same sensor identification.

Download the flasher here: (windows) (mac) (It's the same firmware version actually, despite the name. The "14" is just there to add to the general confusion.)

For additional information about this beta firmware, please see 2013/04/17/tellstick_net_beta_firmware