Posts for the month of August 2015

Telldus Live! mobile updates

Over the past 2 weeks we have released several updates to Telldus Live! mobile, our mobile applications. We are very pleased to now have support for live updating of sensor values and device states, plus we have fixed a number of bugs including the login problems on Android and the scrolling hang issue on iOS.

This is just the beginning though...

The apps are going to get a lot of love and attention over the coming weeks and months. Our focus initially has been to fix all the known bugs, but now and in the future we can focus more on new features and supporting more devices.

We'd like to answer some of the common questions that we receive regarding the app so as to give you an idea of our future plans.

Q: When will you support Windows Mobile?
A: We are looking into this at the moment, we don't currently have a release date but we'll hopefully have some more information soon. Also we've not forgotten Blackberry, we'll update this with the next major release.

Q: The app doesn't work on Android M...
A: We're aware of this issue and are testing a fix now. As this is a preview version of Andoid, it is expected there will be issues. We hope to release a fully tested working version before the public release of Android M though.

Q: Are you working on support for Apple Watch/Android Gear etc
A: Our focus right now will be on the main app to run on your mobile and tablet. We wish to support more devices, but we don't want to neglect the main app just to support a new device.

Q: Why doesn't the app do "this"?
A: We are trying to implement new features, and have our own growing wishlist, however we are very welcome to hear your ideas. Please let us know what you'd like by contacting us through the support system.

Finally, we understand the app still might not work for everyone. So if you're experiencing any problems, we want to fix this for you! So please get in contact with us through our support system.