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1. Daniel Rost -- 11 years ago


I am looking for the actual documentation for telldus live. I've found the API explorer and the examples at but these are just examples and not a full documentation. Is there no other documentation or am I missing something? For example, in the API explorer you can see that there is a command called "device/add" but what about the parameters "protocol" and "model"? What values are valid here? Also, I'm not sure where to ask questions like these. It doesn't feel right to have to add this comment to a blog post but I can't find anywhere else to put it.

Thankful for all help.

2. Hasse Lorentzon -- 7 years ago


I have a little too far away to the garage to turn devices on and off. Therefore, it would be nice if two Tellstic on the same network could reflect the connected devices.

Hasse Lorentzon