Posts for the month of May 2014

Introducing device state history - Beta

Since "My Events" was introduced in Telldus Live!, the most requested feature is device and sensor logging. We have tested different storage systems for a while now (it's a lot of data), and have decided on the Cassandra database.

Device state history means that you can for example view when your devices were turned on or off, dimmed, a bell chimed or blinds pulled up or down. The device history shows the state changes no matter if they were initiated from Telldus Live!, a 3rd party app or if the signal was received from a remote or a motion detector.

We are still evaluating the long time performance of the storage solution, but for device logging the data and functions are already in place, so why not make it available? In the first phase this will only be available for Telldus Live! Pro-users. After evaluating this, it will be introduced to everyone. If you are a Pro-user you can try it out now right away by opening up a device in Telldus Live! and click the "Show log history"-button (for TellStick Net)! Later on, when not limited to Pro-users, there will be a "Log"-button directly in the device list if you have a TellStick or TellStick Duo with a TelldusCenter connected to Telldus Live! .

If you are a developer, a new API-call is available:


This can be accessed by non-Pro users too already.

This is a beta, and since we are still testing the storage system there is no redundancy yet, so data may disappear if something fails. Don't count on the device log for anything very important.

We would like to know what you think of this. Please post comments below. For example, the device logs are currently kept for one week. Is that sufficient? Or too much? Should it be possible to clear device logs, and why? Is it important to be able to decide which devices are logged? Do you want to be able to export this data? In that case, how? Suggestions for other ways to view the logs besides this list are also welcome. Now is a good time to influence the upcoming development.

Sensor logging? Yes, we are planning for that too. But it demands even more from the storage system, completely new functions and the data must be presented in different ways, e.g. graphs, so it will not be available for a while. And sensor storage for more than a couple of hours will require a Pro account.

Hope you find the device state history useful!