Posts for the month of May 2012

Tapatalk support in forum

Many of you are using Tapatalk for your forum browsing. Now we too are supporting Tapatalk. Check it out at


We have just verified that the Weber Style Digital Thermometer works great with TellStick Duo and TellStick Net. It is a wireless thermometer for food.

From the manufacturer:

Your feasts will never be over or underdone again with this digital thermometer. Simply insert the probe into the food, select the doneness setting, and clip on the remote. The thermometer beeps when your food is done.

Why not barbeque like you should in the 21th century? Keep the meat perfect with your smartphone.

TellStick on Raspberry Pi

The user davka003 reports that TellStick works fine on his Raspberry Pi. From his blog:

Last friday DHL knocked on my door to deliver a Raspberry Pi. For those that doesnt know what it is, it is a realy small computer running Linux. It didnt took long before I moved over my control software for lamps that uses a Tellstick from Telldus Technologies. Instead of normal light switches I have built in recivers from Nexa that is a remote controlled relay. This make me able to control almost all lighting in the house from anywhere.
Besides playing with my new Raspberry Pi I also built a plastic case to protect it somehow from my sons.
I will post more source code and project details soon on this. But for now have a look at my setup.

Read more on the users blog here:


We are in the middle of programming the new shipment of TellStick Net. We are working as fast as we can so they will be available for you as soon as possible.

To make sure they are complete (with manual, cables antenna, etc) we weigh all of them. The problem is that the battery in the scale ran out today. Panic! We didn't have any other of those batteries at the office.

The battery has a voltage of 3.3V so we needed another power source giving that voltage. So we improvised.

A broken TellStick Net was our rescue. TellStick Net runs on 5V, 3.3V, and 2.5V. Some minutes of soldering later the scale is working again!