Posts for the month of February 2019

New app version! v3.9

We are happy to announce that version 3.9 of Telldus Live! mobile is released! This version is shipped with a bunch of new features, and some minor changes in the UI.

Now it's possible to include and exclude Z-Wave devices directly from the app! Z-Wave Secure and multi-channel devices are of course supported. The add button in the top right of the device tab main screen takes you to the add Z-Wave device wizard.

Device exclusion can be found in the gateway details screen, in a newly introduced tab, Z-Wave, for every Z-Wave supported gateway. An exclude button is also available in the device details screen, in the settings tab for all Z-Wave devices.

Another UI update is a change of the add button’s position in schedule and gateway (on iOS) tabs. For the button to not interfere with the content, it is moved to the top right corner of these tabs.

Introducing a new, effortless login method using Google account.

In the app settings there is now the option to manage push enabled devices. You now have the option to change the reference name of your mobile device and remove old ones from the list.

One thing in our previous release that we were hoping to improve in this version was the touch/zoom behaviour of the sensor history charts. Unfortunately in this version we were not able to get it as we want it. We will continue the work on this and hopefully update it soon.

This is a phased release, meaning that you will receive the new version within a week from now.

A new beginning… Telldus Live! v3!

Telldus Live! v3 Beta

Behind the scenes we have been working on a new version of Telldus Live!. We have had the vision to create a better and more up to date web interface for quite a while, and while releasing many new features in the app during 2018, we have been simultaneously working on the new web. We now invite you to try it out!

The new interface is responsive and although mainly intended for desktop it works perfectly for tablets and other mobile devices as well. It may also give some hints of cool features to come...

For the development we are using variations of React (React and React Native) for both Telldus Live! v3 and the app. This way we can offer new features for both the app and the web in a much easier and faster way than before.

Telldus Live! v3 is a work in progress and many features are still not available. But as we continue the development you are very welcome to try it out and tell us what you think. We value your feedback!

Telldus Live! v3 is currently only available to test for our Premium users. Go to to take it for a spin!