Posts for the month of February 2012

New Python example for Telldus Live!

We have just published a new python example for our Telldus Live! API. It is simply a tdtool implementation over OAuth instead of telldus-core.

It has currently only been testen on Linux, please try it out on other platforms and let us know how it works.

You need the Python OAuth and ConfigObj modules installed for this to work. Then you need to add a keypair for PUBLIC_KEY and PRIVATE_KEY. You can generate one here:

You can find the source here: examples/python/live/tdtool

New functions for using tdtool embedded in software

Thanks to Lauri Aarnio tdtool now has two new functions for you who uses tdtool in your software or script. As you all know the old --list option was not optimized for machine decoding. Since the output also changed between versions this breaked some thirdparty softwares.

The new options --list-devices and --list-sensors is therefore made in a more machine-readable-friendly format: tab-separated key=value fields, one line/device, and no header lines, percent- or degree signs. Additionally, for sensors, age (in seconds) of the collected data is also printed.

The changeset: [842a042cdbf502f00883b8655f442d261fc5ecf3]

The Official Telldus Technologies Developer Blog

Welcome to the official Telldus Technologies Developer blog!

We will use the blog for any information about the service to our users, news, and API changes, so make sure to check back often to get the latest news and how-to's to utilise the service for your project.

The blog is available for anonymous read access, and any RSS feed reader will be able to read our syndicated content.

As a Telldus Live! user you can also comment on the blog posts. Make sure you are logged in, and an 'Add Comment' field will be available. We do appreciate your feedback, so please let us know your opinion!

Best regards,

Team Telldus