New Python example for Telldus Live!

We have just published a new python example for our Telldus Live! API. It is simply a tdtool implementation over OAuth instead of telldus-core.

It has currently only been testen on Linux, please try it out on other platforms and let us know how it works.

You need the Python OAuth and ConfigObj modules installed for this to work. Then you need to add a keypair for PUBLIC_KEY and PRIVATE_KEY. You can generate one here:

You can find the source here: examples/python/live/tdtool


1. Johan Tärnklint -- 9 years ago

Works on FreeBSD.

2. Stefan Sjöberg -- 7 years ago

Has add some features to the script. Like reading sensors, controlling devices by humidity or temp values, email warnings, logging, reporting values by mail. Interested send me a mail (skip a @ in the address, to avoid robots...) Telldus Net, not z-wave