API changes for Telldus Live!

If you are developing anything using Telldus Live!-API please read this.

We are doing two API changes so that we are following standars correctly.
Issue 1: Ticket #244, DotNetOpenAuth incompatible with oauth-php,

When requesting a request token from our servers you get a response back with the parameter oauth_callback_confirmed set to "1". According to the RFC this should be "true" instead.

Issue 2: Ticket #269, Return content type as "application/json" when it should

All API calls that returns json data should have the content type header set to "application/json". This is currently not the case.

You need to check that your applications are compatible with these changes (they probably are already, if not the application may stop working completely). If not, and you need more time to implement fixes, let us know and we'll postpone the API-changes.

If no issues have been raised April 16th, we will implement these changes system wide.

Edit: These changes have now been implemented.


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