Beta testers wanted for testing events

It's time again for a new beta test. This time we are looking for testers wanting to try out events from TellStick Net. This means you can for instance trigger action upon temperature sensors and device state change.

We are going to test this in several steps. Right now we are only looking for developers. To qualify this round you need an application using our API. If you want to participate, please see below.

Applications using the development key will unfortunately not qualify at this time.

Update: We are now accepting any developer to try this out. To participate, email mp@… with the name of your application, a description of what the application does and screenshots.

Update 2: Anyone will now qualify for this test. [[beta:1 Check it out!]]


1. Cyril Piermé -- 11 years ago

That's good news ;-) Of course I want to participate ;-) E-Mail sent ;-)

2. Jérôme Garcia -- 11 years ago

[...]email mp@… with the[...] I want to participate but I don't hunderstand where can I found the good email ?

3. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

After logging in it's visible.

4. Richard TROUVE -- 11 years ago

Hi, i'm also very interrested ;)

5. Richard TROUVE -- 11 years ago

Ok, funny! Where to discuss about tests ?

6. Surath Chatterji -- 11 years ago

Hi, I am interested in the REST API, how can I get it? Also, (im logged in) but I don't see the full email id. It says mp@... for me. Help is appreciated! Thanks.

7. Lars-Olov Persson -- 11 years ago

Same here, can't see the mailadress, but please sign me up for beta as well...

8. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

Please see the instructions in "Update 2"

9. Ola Johansson -- 11 years ago

Sign me up. Can't see full mail address either

10. Micke Prag -- 11 years ago

No one will be signed up by commenting here. The ONLY way to be part of this test is to actually read the instructions. Period.

11. Emil Nöjd -- 11 years ago

When do you think this will go live?