Updates to Telldus Live! events

We are still busy implementing a lot of new features for Telldus Live! events, but we want to push what we have so far so that you can try them out while the events are still in beta.

Some of the new features are:

  • Delays on all actions.
    It is possible to delay the execution of an action. You can for instance create an event that turns a device on and in the same event also add another action to turn off the device 30 seconds later. To access this feature you need to add the action as usual and then edit it. The delay is under "Advanced settings".
  • Block heater trigger ("motorvärmare" in Swedish).
    This is a new trigger used for turning on a block heater depending on the outside temperature. We use an algoritm based on the Swedish Energimyndigheten's recommendations. We would like to thank Roy Henriksson and his son for helping us with this.
  • Trigger and condition on humidity.
    It is now possible to both create a trigger and condition based on the humidity on a sensor. It was unfortunately only possible to use the temperature before.
  • Update minimum repeat interval.
    After an event has been activated there is a 30 seconds delay before the event can be activated again. This is to prevent for instance motion sensors that sends updates for several seconds to flood actions. Without this an event could be executed up to ten times within a couple of seconds. Sometimes you might need to lower this limit and sometimes you might need it to be even longer. We now allow you to edit it to fit your needs. You can find this setting under "Advanced setting" where you edit your event.

We appreciate all your feedback for events. It you find a bug or have a new idea, don't hesitate to contact us!


1. Arne Olav Mytting -- 10 years ago

Thanx for the events! Have been testing for a while, seems to work fine.

My wishes: The "old" scheduler have "Activate/DeActivate, this is missing in Events. It could be nice with FirstDate/LastDate. too

The field of mailadress should be prefilled with my mailadress, ex, the mailadress from other/first event.

2. Lars Andersen -- 10 years ago

I just purchased a Tellstic Net and signed up to Telldus Live to do home automation so I could control light and pumps to save some money on the electrical bill. I’m setting transmitters and receivers up and it’s going well. Working very nice.

Now I need to use the feature Delay and “Delay type” in advanced settings. But I can’t use it since to set this property I need a Telldus Live pro account. I can’t find where to get this and even worse it seems to cost EUR25 a year!

It’s probably more than I could save on my electrical bill. Is there any way at all to get around making a delay on a standard account?